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M/C Solenoid Help.... A little long


Richard Cooper

It all started about 4 weeks ago with a code 51. Vette would run good then the check engine light would come on and car would run like junk, buck and hesitate. Check engine light would go out and car would run fine. Then it would happen all over again. Corvette shop manual said to make sure PROM was in all the way and if it was in all the way then it had to be replaced. I replaced it.
Now the check engine light stays on all the time while driving and I get a code 23 and45.
I went through all the steps in the manual and it says to repair ground in wire from solenoid to ECM terminal 18. I traced the wires in the engine compartnment up to the firewall. But, before I rip any more stuff out I was wondering if there is an easy way to do this? Is this M/C solenoid supposed to make any kind of noise when turned on, mine never did.
I am sorry this is so long, but car had been laid up for almost 4 weeks now and I'm starting to lose the good weather. Thanks for any help.


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Jul 3, 2001
Auburndale, Florida
1969 Killer Shark

I find it best to go to the end of the wire (where it terminates on the engine, ground, sensor, etc, and to the terminal end at the computer and check there first before simply tracing it from one end to the other. You could just have a bad computer. In fact, that is what it sounds like to me assuming you find no fault in the grounds.

You might try getting to the computer, and jiggling it, wiggling it, wiggling the connectors while the car is running to see if you can trip the problem right there.

Keep us posted.

Richard Cooper

69 MY Way,
Thanks, thats a good idea. I just had the computer installed last year, but that does not mean its good. I was thinking about running a new wire from the computer to the M/C plug and see what happens. I'll start the car today and move the wires around , you never know! Thanks again.

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