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making an offer on a 68 roadster


68 Roadster

i'm going to be looking at a 68 rag top. From the pictures it looks awesome and after a long talk with the seller it sound like it's in great shape all #s match it has a L79 engine M-21 stick PS,PB,PW,Posi, Po1 wheel covers, new rag top, new carpet, new exhaust. He's asking 30,000 Cnd. or best offer. What would be a fair offer for this car if it's as nice as he says it is. Also if you were
selling your vette would you be offended if the buyer asked to take it to a nearby corvette specialist to check it out
Thank you
Jun 5, 2001
Northern Virginia
71 Conv. (Sold) / 98 Pewter Coupe (Sold)
Vette prices are subject to whims and impulse buying but that price sounds pretty fair to me if it is what he says it is.

I, for one, would encourage someone to have my car checked out prior to purchase. I'd like for someone to know what they're getting and not be suprised. All that would do is spoil the vette 'experience' for someone and possibly ruin a lifelong dream in the process.

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