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Meguires #7 Mirror Glaze - Awesome New to me product


Oct 13, 2021
Central Tennessee
95 Dark Purple metalic coupe, 78 Silver Anniversary
Well, over the past few days I decided to clean and detail the car. It wasnt to bad, as I gave it a good washing a week or so ago after getting it out of the garage post winter. I put a couple hundred miles on it last week as we had AWESOME weather here in central Tennessee. Was beautiful and sunny all week with temps in the mid to high 70s. Detailing the outside of course started with a good soapy wash and then I towel dried it. I used a new to me product that I am super impressed with. Meguires #7 Show Car Glaze. I bought it for my 78 Silver Anniversary as several people had recommended that to me to renew and possibly give some new life to the almost 45 year old paint. Its also recommended for clearcoat so I thought I'd give it a try......... WOW!!!!! Super Impressed. The color and gloss of my 95 was really good, But now, the very light scratches in the clearcoat are 99% gone. The paint on my C4 is glossier, and wetter looking than my 2019 Mitsubishi Eclipse-Cross and I have been given a lot of compliments on the finish and color of my Mitsubishi. I finished the job off with some old Turtle Wax Super Hard Shell. I've always been a fan of Turtle-Wax, so Ive never used Meguires products before, but now........ I'll definitely have to give more of them a try.

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