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Mid 80's owners I could use some more help.



Guys you were so helpful with my other problem I thought I would throw this one at you!
The instrument lights in my 85 keep going out! During the day its not to bad as they are still lit enough to see but at night its a little irritating! Sometimes you can tap them and they come back on or maybe at the next bumb they come back on. Others they never do. I know a factory mechanic and he remembers the problem but not he solution! It might possibly be a ground? Just figured somebody else would have the same problem and might be able to help.

Also I am going to have to invest in some new tires. I found Falken Ziexs on the internet for $120 which is much cheaper then the local tire guy. Anybody got an opinion of these tires or a place to get tires that they like?
Thanks guys!
Dash Problems

Are you electronicly inclined, do you know how to solder?

Read my previous posts on the subject.

I repair em, I offer advise.

Can't help ya with the dash but for tires check out Tirerack or Discount. Also check out the Portal, a lot of stuff there. I recently spent a lot of time replacing rubber on the 85. You'll find not all options are available due to your tire size. IMHO the Firehawk, Bridgestone or Dunlop 8000 or 5000 were the best bet. Dunlop being the best $$$ by far. Faulken is owned by Goodyear as is Dunlop but is a middle of the pack tire. In tests performed in Europe(use your browser) they faired poorly. The others rated very high.
Good luck with your dash problem;)
Most instrument lights in mid-80's GM products are inserted into a instrument circuit board. The connection isn't that great as they jiggle too much.

What I did on my late 80's suburban is put vaseline on the base of the bulb then insert it. Helps with the jiggle and the connection.

Also there is a little tab that presses against the bottom of the bulb (and also supplies power). Pull on the tab a little so it presses a little harder on the bulb.
dash lights

vigman says he repairs the gauge clusters, then take it out and send it to him. i have had 50 50 luck with some of the places that do repairs. it is more than likely in side the cluster. vigman answers alot of these forums. i am new to this site but have alot of knowledge.to share about C5 and C4 vettes i will try to help when i can.
My 86 had that problem with the dash lights. They would go off until you banged on the bottom of the dash. I pulled out the cluster unit with plans to send it out for repair. I started looking at it and found a solder joint that was burned on
the connectors between the circuit boards. I was able to fix it and it worked fine after that. I think it was a case of beginners luck.
Take a look, then ship it to one of these people listed above.

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