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Mile Marker 1 Event

May 29, 2002
Missoura Ozarks
2012 💯 4LT GS Roadster

This can't be the right road. I haven't seen another car in over an hour and these "Panther Crossing" signs are really starting to freak me out. What happens if you hit a panther? Would you have to get out and fight it to the death or something? Either way, I didn't want to find out. It was dark, it was 4 a.m. and it was way too eerie outside to get lost. As I drove on into the night, I began to wonder what it must have felt like the first time someone bombed down the salt flats for over a mile. I wondered what type of loon would be attracted to building a one-mile certified death machine, something capable of hitting well over 200 miles an hour in under 5,280 feet. Wait, what did that sign say? It was so small, that couldn't have been my turn; I didn't see an abandoned airport. Keep on driving. As if the salt flats weren't enough, I began to wonder what type of person thought about renting a private runway for a day, inviting all of his friends to the middle of nowhere and seeing who could go the fastest. Then I realized, that type of person was me, and it may very well be you. If you have never been to a standing mile event, read on...

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