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moaning in pain...



here's one that's really weird... when i steer my vette i get this kind of moaning sound... she really sounds like she's crying out in pain! and here's the kinky part; if i give her gas - even in nuetral w/ the clutch pulled - the moan stays there, and is directly related to my rpms.. i really don't know what to make of this, since, from a cold start, it only comes on after i make a 90deg turn.

another prob i'm having is my a/c unit; it's getting pretty chilly here, and when i turn on the heat, i get a/c. chevy told me the prob was the head unit, so i ordered a new one from gm and installed it. of course, that's NOT the prob; i still get cold air. now, get this: if i pull a hard right, the heater kicks on to like 110f! and, a hard left? ~40f. all i can control is the blower. of course, i don't want to rely on this tech anymore cuz i'm concerned over that moan. any ideas? i don't want take it to chevy, cuz somehow i always end getting new door locks and a $700 oil leak when i do that...
The sirens of maintance past due

Power steering fluid
Clean..up to level?
Belt tight?
When you turn the wheel ( car parked but running ) does the pitch change?


when you REV the car (not turning the wheel)
is that when the pitch increases?
It might be your fan tensioner pully bearing
try squirting some oil on the bearing and see if that makes it stop.

The system works on vacumme.

Are all the under hood hoses OK? Not cracked.
Trace all of em.... listen for a hiss.

If the hoses are ok..I could be your control module
Not the head unit.. but the box under the dash.

Do you have manual or auto controls?

vigman -

thanx for the hint about the fan tensior... she does moan when i rev it and NOT turning the wheel.

as for the a/c now, i know all the hoses are fine... vaccum holds..but u said the control unit is separate from the head?? how is this? i'm not familiar w/ it... what i replaced (and call the head unit) is the thing i push the buttons on to control the air. i also have the digital system, btw.
A place to read


This shows ALL the info on the BOX the head unit talks to.

The unit is up under the dash drivers side.

Check it out.

As far as the belt goes,
IF you spray some oil on the pulley and it DOSENT go away, could be the ALT bearing, ac compressor or water pump.

or squirt a little wd-40 on the drive side of the belt and see if that stops it... could be the belt is just hard & glazed.


How do you know all the vac lines are ok?
Have you replaced them? This is about the right time for them to start disintegrating.I would check
again...just to make sure.

"If I pull a hard right, the heater kicks on to like 110f! and, a hard left? ~40f."

I assume if you are just in the driveway idling things are good.

The Vac source line comes from the TPI intake plenumm ( the big box on the top of the engine )
There are 2 vac lines on the passenger side back.

The furthest one back is the one for the A/C vac source.It's a factory GM moulded assy which runs under the plenumm and winds up under the distributor to a grey vacumme filter/check valve/ distribution point.

Two lines come out of the grey "thingy".

1) Thru the firewall to provide vac to the AC controls.It's a GM moulded line, rubber fitting, small pvc like hose.

2nd) A regular vac line that comes over towards the cruise control and "T's" 2 places....

a) The ball canister mounted on the foward side of the left front fender( Vac reserve tank ).

b)The small port on the cruise control.

Sound like a crack in one of the lines to me.
Check the PVC line as well.

Len -

thanks for the hose tip; i had a kink in there keeping the fluid from cycling thru :)

Mike, as for the heater, i had a friend of mine test the system for leaks a couple months ago, during which time i already had this prob.. he said the system was sealed... whenever the car's started from a cold start, it ALWAYS starts in "cold" mode. It's not actually the a/c; the compressor doesn't kick on... the fan just blows. Then if i hit a bump just right or make that hard right, the heat kicks on, fast. Real hot, too. heh... there were a couple times when it was freezin' out and i was driving around in my vette with the windows down :-D hard lefts switch it back... weird. I have the digital system, and i can control the fan speed, but it seems to completely ignore what i set for the internal temp. the dealer told me it was elec, but already replaced the head unit, and i know the external thermostat at least works, cause that reads accurate; is there another thermo maybe that could be messed up?

More info

When the car is HOT
and you take the "bump"
besides the temp change.. do the vent positions change..like go from Heat ( floor ) to defrost


Does your Vette have a vacumme controled valve that shuts off the water going to the heater core? Lube that linkage.

There IS another temp sensor in the car,
I'm assuming coupe

Above & between left& right hand seat on center pillar look straight up and back a bit more... center square plastic bit.

Does your ext temp light flash for 60 seconds after ignition is on? That's the OH $hite somethings wrong alert!

Do the following ( key on )
( Asumming coupe again convert's different )
Hold the rear defog button down and then press & release the blower up button.

A number from 1-9 will show in the window with a minus sign up front. This is the MODE number

use the "Warmer" button to scroll thru the MODE numbers press the "cooler" to poll the Mode and get error numbers.

Mode 1 program number
Mode 2 In car sensor
Mode 3 Ambient correction
Mode 4 Blower speed
Mode 5 Outside temp sensor
Mode 6 Feedback pot value ( for hot/ cold door)
Mode 7 Calculated door position

(this is the one you want press cooler NOW)
Mode 9 Software version #


00 program #
01 feedback pot open (aka where's the frickin door)
02 outside sensor open (broke or missing)
04 Outside sensor shorted(broke or wiring's goofed)
08 IN car sensor open (broke or missing)
16 IN car sensor Shorted(broke or wiring's goofed)

Write these errors down!

To exit turn key off.

Have drink!

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