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More control switch issues



I am having a simular problem in my 81. Except I can not move eigher the temp control switch or the vent control switch. They both side about one inch to the right and are jamed in the middle of the panel. The control work in the positions I can slide the controls into.

The heat controls switches are horizontal below the radio and above the shifter. They worked fine until I had some exust work done. Im not sure if that was definitly it, but the timing was sure right. Is there anything on the under side of the car the would be preventing me from moving the sliders.

Or any other reason it may be stuck


the heater /vent levers are a poor design.
You cannot hit em from under the car..unless the welder burned a hole straight thru the tranny tunnel.

The entire assy is all plastic.
If the car was an outside car..or lived in hot areas the plastic ( read model airplane ) gets brittle and snaps!

A good way to tell if the plastic for your electrical connectors under the hood have no flex left..it's a fair bet under the trans tunnel is not fairing a whole bunch better.


somebody has dropped some change down the slots and is jammin up Dur springgin werks.

Either way.. out it comes.

Been there, got the T-shirt ;)

Rare81 said:

I had the same problem with my '81.. What ever you do.. DO NOT force the wheel. The '81 doesn't have the wheel like your '74, but, my guess is that they are basically the same design. I found mine to be the handle for the "Air and Heat" controls was off center, yours would be a wheel design, still very similar.

I took the console apart and then removed the entire switch. Got it on my work bench then with my '81 assy. manual very close by, I took the switch apart. There is a diaphram (rubber plate) that has grooves in it that match up with a plastic piece to allow the vacumn to move the correct valves for the correct settings. I found a clip holding this all together had come off.

I fixed it and put it all back together only to find that I didn't put it back together correctly. I tried to change the diaphram with the switch installed... I don't recommend trying it.. I ended up taking the switch back out and rotating the rubber diaphram until I got it right :(

If you FORCE the switch, you will probably break it. Hope this helps, as I've said mine is a 1981, but the switch mech. are probably very similar.. If you don't have a GM Maintenance Manual or an Assy. Manual I recommend getting them, they are invaluable.

Pull that switch Man !
It might seem scary but just take your time. I converted a '79 Corvette to Right hand Drive. If mere mortals can do that, there aint nothing we can't do! I must admit I became very intimate and familiar with the workings of a Corvette. Here is some of my favourite tips.
Remove the seats. This also gives you a chance to clean and check under your seats. Pretty exciting. But it does give you a whole new perspective, you will start seeing the fixings for the centre console, start removing them, Take notes and put the bits in a safe place.
Get a mate to help you, and use that vacuum cleaner!!
Good luck!
Dave M

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