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Mounted EradiSpeeds Today


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Feb 24, 2001
Camp Hill, PA
Formally Callaway SuperNatural Grand Sport #0001
My Baer EradiSpeed Rotors arrived Monday & I mounted them today. They look fantastic. In fact the few people who saw my car after I got them mounted noticed them right away. The weight difference is unreal. I believe the Baer site says a 15-22lb weight savings per pair, but unfortunately I did not weigh the rotors before I put them on, but in just picking up the originals vs the EradiSpeeds, it has to be a lot more that that!
I also went with Performance Friction Z rated pads, flushed the brake system & added Performance Friction fluid, threw on a set of Russell braided stainless hoses & a set of speed bleeders(which worked great)
As I'm following the break in procedure instructions, I hve not been able to put the new rotors to the test under speed, bu hell, the look of the rotors is worth it!
I can't post photos as of yet, but if you go to www.baer.com you can pull up info on the EradiSpeeds and see what they look like.:grinshot
Hopefully, I'll be set up to post photos very shortly & when I am.....................................................
:upthumbs Great brakes, eh? :upthumbs

I didn't upgrade to the "Eradispeed" but I did upgrade to the Baer "Track System" and have been very pleased with both the looks and the performance of it. :cool

I never did break them in as recommended for race use (900-1000 degrees!), but they've been broken-in enough for hard street use or mild track use; I had it on the track last week and there was a tremendous difference between the factory units and the Baer system. Braking distances were substantially reduced. :D

Hey, if ya go fast, ya gotta stop fast too, eh? :L
Happy to hear about the improvement in braking with the Baers,
1987 Z51. I hope to see the same results with the EradiSpeeds as I am getting into a lot of autocrossing and hope to do some open road racing down the road.

I received an e-mail from Baer today telling me that I was the 1st C4 to receive the EradiSpeeds!!:D

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