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MSC Cap & Rotor Kit for 1995 C4 LT1 Problem


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May 1, 2002
Dayton, Ohio
'95 LT1 Coupe, Comp Yell; C6 Roadster, Vel Yell
MSD Cap & Rotor Kit for 1995 C4 LT1 Problem

I just purchased this Cap & Rotor Kit. Looks well made. Problem is there is an extra plastic tab and what MSD calls a "Clamp-Block" (alum piece) about 5-10 degrees from top center of the black/red plastic distributor insulator. The clamp-block appears to help seal off a portion of the distributor that might have been leaky on the OEM Optispark. This lug prevents me from installing the distributor flush against the cam cover because this Clamp-block hits the center raised portion of the cam cover where the cam-to-water pump output shaft comes out of the cam cover. MSD's retail distributor has no answer for this and just wants to give me a refund. The kit is model number 84811. I've attached a photo showing the interference. Every MSD Cap & Rotor or complete MSC optispark replacement unit I've seen has this extra lug. Any ideas? I just gotta get this thing on the road!

Thanks for any help you can give me.
MSD CapRotor.jpg
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