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MSD Combo results..Chris, anyone ...



Excellent, It is an awsome combo,Id say ideal for your mondo motor, and is real easy to adjust the probillet to jump through almost any kind of advance hoop you may want to try. I feel like a tuning pro after some succeses tweaking it.

Heres what Happened with mine..
I set the initial to 16 and adjusted the probillet to stop advancing at 21 degrees and tweaked the centrifical springs to bring the total 37degrees at 2800rpm.
Fine, it ran super until I hooked up the vacuum advance part of the system. It pulled just as hard but at cruising(65-75) The motor wanted to surge when not loading or loaded.
I ended up backing off the initial to 13-14 and changed to a stiffer spring setup. This changed the timing to 34degrees all in at 3200rpm and solved any and all problems.
Note: even at the 36-37 degree advance setting there was no hint of detonation, under any conditions or ranges I tested in. Im fairly sure the reason is, my fairly low compression ratio 9.5:1 or so. Of course your motor will time somewhat differently but the technique for tuning is the same, Youll love dialing the MSD Combo in.

Now the good part, Not only did I get significant performance boost, Id venture 20HP at the flywheel, and now I get 14-16MPG if Im careful about my foot on the pedal. I never got 10-12 before , no matter how I drove. I am truly amazed at how efficient and powerful my motor got.

I just reread this and I think MSD ought to pay me some promotion fees..har.

also theres another box that allows you to switch advance curves on the fly if you mount that little jewel inside the cab somewhere. I dont remember what the part number is for that or what it cost. It isnt relevant to my limited racing car.

Youll love The probillet and 6series box. The combo really comes into play with the bigger performing motors.
I saw some of the options for wiring the distributor to an electronic advance. Theres also a wire from the box to an electronic tach but I didnt pay much attention to the specs as they didnt pertain to my mechanical setup.
I predict youll have fun with this setup :)

Ok now for some real fun

Ok Tom now that you feel empowered you may want to ask Santa for MSD PN# 8979. It is an add on to you 6 series. I got it on ebay for $270.
I understand your milder motor may not warrant it but it's alot of fun. It hooks up to your laptop (or a in car controller for extra$) and allows you to program the exact curve you want (if you are really compulsive you can control each cylinder individually), gives you a start retard (which I deperately need with an Optima battery and a high torque mini starter it barely turns) and provides alot of other junk I don't need.
You have to just lock out the mechanical advance. The vacuum advance is still compatable.

I have to admit though I am concerned about all these electronics
failing while I'm in Nowhere Kansas so I still carry around the Hei ignition module. I know it's also electronic but I haven't heard of many of them failing.
Ill look that part up.
I have a programmable ignition for my 100hp harley that works similar to that. But I just set a optimal curve and have found no reasons to change it. Like your saying those types of electronics really come into play at the track and the different racing conditions. Ive never officially raced any of my machines. That may change next year when I zero in on a zz4 motor. Ill be looking for some advice again then for sure, especially about what cam

Its true these modules can fail, Ive heard stories to that effect, and I believe them, heat is a big factor with failures from what Ive gathered. Even so, I dont think Ive heard of anyone Bailing a MSD setup especially if they are running a big performing motor.

Are you saying the HEI module could be swapped in to replace the MSD if it failed. It is my understanding that Probillet distributors will only work with MSD modules? Whats your take on this.
My option in case of a failure going across kansas.. lol.. is to carry my old mallory with me and swap it back in. All the original components and wires are still there.

Ive put 8000mi. on my car since august. The savings Ill now get in gas mileage more than justifies the cost of the MSD setup on my mild Motor.

It will be very interesting to me to see what you end up with for an ignition in your very HO big block. Dyno numbers and track numbers :)
Redmist , that last post of mine should be addressed to you, I thought it was Chris replying to me.
No better person I'd rather be confused with.
Tom I don't know if you have the same option regarding the HEI module in case of failure, but of course having a spare distribributor all set and ready to go is even better.
You are absolutely right about really not needing the 8979 unless you are going racing. I'm just a geek and love to play with this stuff.
Ill post some more pics when I go after some of the little problem areas that have come up with her. I havent addressed a few issues cause they are cosmetic and thats not my bag, Even though Chris and others here have me well on track as to how to do it.
I really enjoy tackling the mechanics though :)
Yes it was educational for me and Rewarding:D Thanks.

Here is my MSD ensemble.

I picked up the distributor #8360 Pro Billet heavy duty for $200. Don't know if that is a good deal or not.


Running the wiring harness in the car now. Really kind of stuck due to the Fuel Injection on back order. Word is that it gets shipped 11/16 to Summit, then to me. So, I will be able to integrate it into the main harness soon.
WoW, yep thats it Chris. Looks familiar layed out there like that :)
Except the Blaster 2 coil, and also I see you got the AL Module that has the rev. limiter capability.
My 8572 was $287 at jegs. The tach drive on mine must account for the $87 bucks , cause other than that I think the distributor is the same, it looks identical except for no retrofit tach drive unit bolted on?
I was going to mention before, you will have quite a different setup than me. From what Ive researched Its alot different dialing in a FI than a carbed system with these performance ignitions? Keep me posted down the road when you get the motor in and ready to fire up. Im real interested in how it comes togeather.

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