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Muffler pipe connector



I just discovered yesterday that my "99" has a broken connector between the exhaust pipe and the muffler pipe. This connector is welded to the muffler pipe and it is the weld that is broken. This is on the right side of the vehicle. Back in October the connector on the left side broke at the weld also. As far as I am concerned I do no drive on rough roads or have I hit large holes or bumps in the road.
The first event happened in the middle of no where and I had the connector welded back to the muffler pipe, big mistake. First of all I did not call Chevorlet and second the idiot that did the welding did not line the pipes up. So I ended up with one side about 3 inches lower that the other.
Has anyone run across this problem? Any help would be most appreciated.
Update on this problem. I have taken the car to the dealer and they have agreed to replace both mufflers. It appears that they too thought both connectors had been improperly welded to the muffler pipe.
Still interested in finding someone who has had a similar experience:)

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