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Need to replace the mufflers on my '82 corvette (not CE) any ideas or suggestions???

welcome to CAC micar. You will enjoy good fellowship and information here. One word about Corvettes and mufflers:



thanks for the welcome... Side pipes are cool but want to keep the car stock looking!!

Before I put the sidepipes on my 81 I had a set of the KBD Targa mufflers on it, they have a nice deep tone to them and take up much less space, look nice, and cost less than stock mufflers. I think they are about $120 a set. They also bolt right up to the existing mounts and have a nice fit.

But the sidepipes do sound so much better.
micar Welcome to The Corvette Action Center

I had FLOWMASTERS installed on my STOCK 1981. Also had 2 1/2" pipes and a new Flow Though Cat installed.. Everytime I start it and go for a ride I can't get the :) off my face for HOURS :) .

If you haven't heard about The Rendezvous please check out my signature and the L81VetteRegistry for the events schedule.. Welcome aboard :)

Here is some previous posts about exhaust and mufflers Click HERE
Rare81, You da man. That's exactly what I would have said. I but 2 1/2 exhaust and Flow Masters on the ole '74 and it made it sound like a hot rod. Not only can't I keep the smile off my face, I also can't keep my foot out of the carb............:)Steve
82 mufflers

Hi micar,
My 81 has 2-1/2" full flow mufflers installed and really sounds nice. Summit Racing has both Dynomax and Flowmaster at very reasonable prices. I think that you will be pleased with either one. Rumble Rumble.......

I've got 2 1/2" Flowmasters on my '72 behind Hooker Super Comp headers and a full 2 1/2" inch dual exhaust (no balance tube). They are LOUD! It seems that you don't get the typical "tinney" Flowmaster rumble if you don't (or in our case, can't) run tailpipes behind them. I am definitely NOT against a loud rumbling exhaust, but on my convertible they were just too much with the top down. If you are running stock exhaust manifolds and a cat converter, they will probably knock the noise level down somewhat. I inserted some straight "chambered" exhaust sections about mid-car and that toned it down a little bit. Still not entirely happy with it, but not bad enough to change it right now. Got a lot of other stuff I'd like to do!

I have had Dynomax-style turbo mufflers on it in the past and the exhaust note was pretty good. I would recommend them also.

I'll put my vote in for the Dynomax Super Turbos.
Just put them on my 81 and I love em'
Havent heard the flowmasters , but I know they are popular:)

Summit had the best price, by the way.

Good Luck,


Welcome to the forums. As you can see exhaust upgrades are a popular topic with the C3 guys. I can't add much to the discusion since our '81 is still running stock exhaust and in good condition. I guess it all depends on what your noise level tolerence is. I know mine is quite high as I ran chrome sidepipe headers on my '67 427. I couldn't hear the radio above 30 mph but I always was smiling too big to care.

On my 79 I have flowmasters, 2 1/4 pipes and hooker shortie hedders and it sounds and runs great!
Thanks for the info guys. Still got 5 ft of snow here so will have lots of time to go over my options

Hey everyone!
I have Hooker Comp Headers, 2.5" aluminized pipes, and I went with Magnaflow mufflers. They have a lifetime warranty, and they sound GREAT!

There is the website for Magnaflow.

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