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My 69 is back on the road with new ujoints



Thanks everyone for the help!!
It all worked out pretty well, inspite of being "down" in Cheyenne Wyo for 3 days.

Bud, luckily the problem wasnt as major as what was covered in the link you sent me..Whew..

I got 6 Dana sealed joints from carquest then spent half a day frantic on the phone looking for a competent auto shop to install them. The local chevy dealer wanted $750 and I buy the parts..I was PO'd and copped a bad attitude at their shop when they gave me that estimate..(My neck got red, and I stomped out the door). After 6-7 calls, I found a good shop and the owner agreed to squeeze me in first thing the next morning, intall the ujoints, change the limited slip fluid and 2 cans of additive, and have me back on the road by noon, for $250. The Bill ended up $325 or so, but I was happy because the mechanic had to clean up both axle yokes( evidently both halfshafts had lost ujoints before, causing the damage), then, they never repaired the yokes, just jammed new ujoints into them!!
The front driveshaft ujoint was "shot". That was the one that was causing most of the loaded ,running, vibrations. The driverside axle ujoint(wheel end). was also very bad, thats the one that was causing the clunk on startup!

I happily got back on the road , the car settled right down and is mostly smooth and reliable again, I made my business trip to flagstaff on time, Ill be here for a month and will try and look in at the CACC as often as I can.

I still have an annoying vibration right around 80mph and stops at 84mph?? Im going to find a specialty corvette shop in Phoenix or tucson, and take the car in there to Have the rear wheel bearings replaced. We saw that they were loose when changing the ujoints. They werent worn out though, and the wheels spun freely!
Maybe that will stop this other vibration??

Anywhoo..Im Happy and consider the 69 fully functional and roadworthy again, but Ill also continue changing and upgrading everything in the powertrain that is old and I have no records of ;).And get 2 new axle yokes also.

Thanks again , to all my fellow CACC members, Sure glad your all here!!


$750 to change u-joints?! :eek:mad
I'd have had the same reaction!

Glad to hear things went fairly smooth for ya. I think I see why you couldn't make down for that round of Golf with the Dawg and Nut.. "On the road again" Not all bad in a 69LT1 :dance

Have a safe enjoyable trip. You should have all the bugs worked out of her by late August.. hint, hint "SharkFest" ;)


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