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My baby is sick



Hey guys, need help with this problem.
My 88 overheats every morning, it looks like it doesn't get into closed loop until it reaches 140-150 deg.
At first I though it was the thermostat so I changed it and it didn't solve the problem, then ran it without it for a week and there was no more trouble but since it's not a good idea to run without it I installed another one (160 deg) and the problem is back.
The funny part is that it only happens in the morning when I start the car for the first time. This morning I pulled in a parking lot and let it run on parking (automatic transmission) and when I try to engage the drive again the engine died out, turned on again and try to engage and died out again, samething happened a few times until finally made it run.
The radiator fan works perfect but the thermostat doesn't open at its time and it looks like the overdrive doesn't kick in on time either, but once the thermostat opens the overdrive shifts and it cools down and remains working perfect for the rest of the day until the next morning.
This is been happening for a couple of weeks and is driving me crazy.
Any recomendations or thoughts about this?
Something that might help would be to remove the radiator shroud and clean in between the radiator and the air condensor. A lot of junk collects in between and this might help a bit.
Is the radiator original? Also, are of the hoses soft?



Suggest that you replace the thermostat again with a 170-180 degree unit. Sometimes you can get a bad thermostat right out of the box.

It is normal for the car to go into "closed loop" around the 140 degrees. keep in mind that the transmission overdrive will not be activated until you go into close loop.

As suggested, clean out the radiator shoud. Could be full of leaves. If things still are not right.......Contact david F at: dfulcher5@juno.com

Good luck
Thanks for the feed back.
I checked the radiator shroud and hoses and everything looks fine.
One think I did notice this last couple of days is that the RPM stays high, 1000-1100 until 250 deg while still in parking and after a few idles it goes down to normal, the thermostat opens and the engine cools down.
Is it possible that the throttle boddy gets stock in the morning like some of the old carburators?
Upss, forgot to mention that the radiator and hoses were installed new two years ago.

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