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my c5 performance



i modified my a4 c5 to get more hp but i feel nothing change to me

here my stuff :

vortex coled ram air
maf sensor with housing
teromstat 160
loud mouth exhaust ......( great loud sound :) ))
long tube headers
off road x pip

with all this stuff ...and still my friend with his 93 viper r t/10 beat me in 1/4 mile ........

what should i do to beat the viper any one has any advance

am i need convert my a4 to manual ....to get real more power

and if i plan'n to add heads and cam ... what is the best things i get ....

plz help .... my car pic i hope like

To start with that Viper probably has a lot more power than you BIG TIME.

Your going to have to get at least a H/C setup or put on a supercharger to be able to hang with him. Thats assuming that the Viper has not been modified.

You don't need to swap the transmission for more power. Automatics have advantages over manuals and vice versa. You could change the converter for a higher stall. That will definitely help you with the launching of the car from a stop. A 3.55 or 3.73 rear differential will also help you get an edge without having to crack open the engine. Removing the CATS (catalytic converter) will also help that engine breath easier.

These things will add to the performance and you will get closer to your goal of beating him but your still going to need a little bit more. If you can afford it a supercharger (cost around $5K) kit for that C5 will help out a lot. Vortech just released thier kit for corvettes in particular C5's. Lingenfelter has heads and cam combos for $2.5k if you want to do it yourself. Actually I am asking about a "sleeper" combo that will have excellent daily driven manners and still be able to put Vipers away;)

That will provide you with what you need to beat him. If you do enjoy while you can because he is going to get right back at you :L

I talked to a buddy of mine and asked him why he thought GM wouldn't put more power into the Corvette, even more than the ZR-1 and Z06's 405 HP.

His theory is that GM doesn't want to deal with the possible lawsuits of building such a high powered car on a mass production level. Sure, there are more powerful cars out there, but they're mostly low production vehicles while the Corvette is mass produced.


I'm sure that with some more mods, you'd catch that Viper. But I like the idea of forced induction. Vipers are bad@$$ cars!!!

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