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My COMPLETE C- 4 auto trans removal


Feb 16, 2020
Hi, I hope this will help someone with removing their auto trans.

Disconnect battery. Disconnect tv cable from throttle body. Remove exhaust, from below the headers completely back. Just remove this entire portion of the exhaust. Remove drive shaft. (5/16). Remove c beam. 21 mm bolt and 19mm nut at rear end. Trans end is 19 mm and 17 nut mm if I remember right. Remove trans pan. Remove filler tube that is connected to furthest up trans bolt., pass side. Remove tv cable end from trans. 10mm I think. Remove shifter cable from trans pan and trans. Remove connectors to trans. Unbolt 3 bolts that connect torque converter to flywheel. Use a socket and ratchet along with a breaker bar to turn the crank to get at hard to reach bolts. Get a 1/2 FLAIR NUT WRENCH to take off bell housing cooler lines, if not possible, do this step after trans is unbolted and lowered. Unbolt cooler lines from radiator end as well. Then make sure trans is well supported, and unbolt it from engine. After this, use a pry bar to fully separate from engine. Install is opposite. NOTE: drive shaft comes out BEFORE c-beam. Good luck. ANOTHER NOTE: 1987 and later models, starter NEEDS to come out. Distributor doesn’t need to have cap removed, but if preferred, do so. Engine should be supported while trans is lowered or out.
Good to hear ya got it out :thumb
Thanks! It really wasn’t that difficult, but the cooler lines even with it lowered were still a PITA.

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