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My first Corvette...HELP PLEASE



:eek After being around for 46 years I finally purchased my first Corvette. I had to wait this long due to Wife, child, and, being able to afford the insurance.

It's a 1984 two/tone bronze, 64K, auto, etc. etc. It's in pretty good shape over all. Carfax was clean, never wrecked. Just needs a bit of fine tuning, and some TLC.

Here's my question. I want to replace my hard top with a glass top due to terible sun fade. And, because I like the look better. Does anyone have a pro or con in regards to Thompson Astro Tops in Alabama.

Thanks in advance...

Welcome to the Corvette Action Center BigStubby.

I haven't had any experience with Thompson Astro Tops, but from everything I've heard, be prepared for increased interior temperatures with the transparent tops, as well as the extra noise due to the fact that there is no liner.

Good luck though, I too like the looks of the tinted tops. :cool
I never heard of Thompson Astro Tops, but as long as they are in the $450-$500 range.......that's about what I've seen the aftermarket tops going for. As far as increased noise........I noticed no difference at all between the painted & transparent roof panels.....

Thanks for your imput...I think I'll go ahead and get one in lue of paint job. Thanks again
Opps, I'll post pics when I install the top, and let everyone know how it goes.

Seeya in june at Bloomington
Thompson Auto Tops.

BigStubby, I purchased one of the Thompson glass tops last year and am very pleased with it. Would suggest that you wait till B. Gold in June and pick one up there from Thompson. Usually they are cheaper at shows. Also they will send you a nice flyer on there tops. By purchasing at show, you save on shipping, plus get a little better price. Know that the glass tops are Hot in the summer months w/the sun beating in. But i love mine and hardly every put hard top back on.
Mid America has Glass tops....

Hey Big Stubby -
I have a '94 coupe with the factory glass and love it. I would suggest the shield that Mid America offers for those hot summer days. It's not hard to install and comes right off for the cooler fall days. Mid America also offers discounts during Bloomington Gold and their Vett Fest in September. If you don't have a catalogue yet, you can get one by calling 1-800-500-1500. I've delt with them a lot and found them to be quite customer oriented. I have had problems with Ecklers in the past but maybe it was just my bad luck. Anyway, welcome to the action center and congrats on becoming a Vetter! Save the Wave (which means you are suppose to wave to all your fellow Vetters!) POWR TRP!
Mid America

Hi Stubby. I have also used Mid America for many orders. Never had a problem. In fact, if you have a chance you should drive to there store in Effingham, Il, it is not that far. Really an interesting place to visit, museum and all. Get there catalog, you will love it.
Thanks Powr Trp and Charlie....

I will order the catalog and going to Effingham on a Saturady drive sounds good to.

Seeya at Bloomginton Gold....

Let's all meet at the beer tent (if they have one).

Glenn:) STW:)
Mid America

Better check w/Mid America. Don't think they are open on Saturdays. Not sure, but you can go to there Web site and find out. Will look forward to meeting you and Pwr Trip at B. Gold. when closer, will make plans. Any one else out there like to get together at BG? Let us know.:J
Thanks for the heads up Charlie. I'll check the website.

I ordered a CAC t shirt today, maybe we can all find each other with shirts? Or the beer tent. What ever is easier.

Later Glenn STW
Beer Tent....yum!

I'm not sure if I'll make it to Bloomoington this year. NCCC is having their yearly convention in Bowling Green that week this year. Thought I'd get over there and see the zillions of Vettes and check out the Museum and events. But if you guys make it to Bloomington... have one for me!

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