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My first Corvette was stolen 1965

vett boy

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Feb 10, 2005
Florida sometimes Maine
2008 vert 6M silver
Well sort of

In 1965 I graduated from high school and needed a summer job before college .My uncle Burton ran a concrete flat work crew in Connecticut The only issue was that my parents we're reluctant because Uncle was like a bad Fonze .He traveled home to Northern Maine weekends .The work was hard but I had never seen so much money in my life .

One Friday we finished up early and started to head home on a warm summer day .We drove by Champagne Chevrolet in Wilimatic Ct and in the front yard was a triple black big block corvette..My uncle pulled into the dealership in his older Ford station wagon and instantly bonded with the sales manager.At that time Northern Mainers we're treated like saints and could do no wrong .The intent was to let my uncle and I try the car out and I was kinda out of the loop because I was concentrating on the car itself .Away we went heading for Maine ,my uncle explained we we're trying it out for the weekend .After an hour we pulled over and I drove for three hours .I still remember the smell and the bulk of the car .The clutch was heavy and the power was incredible .We made it home in record time but what a cruise that I'll never forget .

Now on the other end we had not returned in a reasonable time .The sales manager began to get a little nervous .The first clue was the station wagon had two different plates neither belonged to the vehicle .The dealership did look at my uncles drivers licence but didn't copy it .Not much info in the car but the CT state police along with Maine State police put it together .Uncle Burton had a big safe in his basement full of cash and certainly had plenty funds .He convinced everyone that the intent was to buy the car and he did .I never got to drive the car as I went off to college where I finished last in my class .When I got home the next spring the car was gone and so was uncle .IRS seized everything plus sent him to prison for 5years .Unfortunately he had a massive heart attack and died ater a week in the clinker .

Thanks to Uncle Burton you don't get to try out a corvette without a sales person ,a photo copy of your licence plus a DNA sample .
So, that was your uncle that caused the unmitigated mess for dealers to have to prove who is really driving the vehicle, and then prove that person can legally drive a vehicle, before a taking a test drive? Geesh....What a waste of time.

Hell, I had always thought it was Junkies uncle.............
Yep Uncle Burton was the cause no doubt .

Now in a previous life Junkie and I escaped from a Mexican jail and I'm pretty sure who got us there .
Hell, I had always thought it was Junkies uncle.............
I never did meet Uncle Burton,That was way before time in the Mexican Jail!~ oL

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