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My GearVendors OD Just Arrived!!!


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Dec 30, 2002
Dallas County, Texas
'75 Modified Red Ragtop: "LEFTLN"

This thing is so nifty I might have to just keep it here on the couch!!!

Well, if I get the heap back with its new head gasket manana, I'll drive it a bit then drop it off at the tranny shop and get ready for 170!!!

I can't believe all the stuff that came with it. I opted for the 1200+hp version for the future, but none of those mods are external. There is the big main assembly - like a mini-powerglide - and a big adapter. They included electronic senders and a manual adapter and gear with a cable if that was your setup.

They sent a B&M shifter handle with the button mounted as well as a seperate toggle and a dimmer switch toggle. There is a control box like an MSD Dash Top Timing Control thingy, ANOTHER control box and a set of LED's to show when it's on and off. They even sent a video!

This thing is like a bigger kid's leggo set!

Anybody else used one yet?

I'd like to take a look at it sometime before you put it in.

Be glad to, except that might me tomorrow!

I'll make a point to take pics before though.

If I don't get the car back tomorrow or my tranny guy (wait....something wrong with that term....can't quite put my finger on it..... :D ) won't take it in right off we might be able to arrange something.

If all does go as planned though, I'll expect to have the pile of debt a 6-speed pile of debt by next Wednesday.
Not putting it in till Monday - might be able to let you

have a look sometime on the weekend...

I should get the car tomorrow or Friday. The heads are back (again) with neglible found (and repaired) problems. This mechanic has the highest of optimism it could make it 500 - maybe even 600 miles! before blowing another head gasket!

I'm working nights the rest of the week but available at the email and number in the profile deal. Or, rather..... WayneLBurnham@cornbread.com (214)207-5686

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