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My new cam, and some things I found while doing it.


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Dec 7, 2001
San Bruno, CA US
1970 LT-1, Cortez Silver w/Black Leather
I've got a '70 with a new ZZ4 "Fast Burn 385" small block in it, but felt the car needed a little more cam, so I just dropped in Chevy's "Hot Cam" and a set of roller 1.6:1 rockers. This cam and rocker combination, in this same engine is rated by Chevy @ 420hp & 400lb ft of torque, so it should run real nice.

I just wanted to make mention of a couple things I found:
1) The Chevy gaskets are the only way to go, stay away from the aftermarket! The stockers are awesome, with silicone O-rings, steel cores, and a PERFECT fit.
2) If you're buying parts from a Chevy dealer, shop around for pricing! I couldn't believe the difference in pricing from dealership to dealership. For example, the oil pan gasket was $65 at the dealership closest to my home, but $42 at the dealership closest to my office. Same kinds of pricing discrepancies on the cam and roller rockers as well.
It pays to shop your Chevy dealerships, and try to haggle, it saved me a bunch of $$$$$.
Thanks for the tips Bob, it's always good to hear about finding deals when buying parts.

_ken :w
Hey Ken,

The CAC has been a great help to me in just the short time I've been a member, so it's nice to be able to give back some info/help instead of asking for it.
auto parts store

Auto parts stores are the same. One item will be less expensive at one store but a different item will be more expensive.
If it costs more than about 20 bucks I call around for the best price.

Whats good is most stores around here have price matching so if the cheaper store is across town you can just go to the local store and tell them that the other store has it cheaper.

If I paid $65.00 for a oil pan gasket, I think I would shoot myself . That didn't include a new oil pan did it.
No, it didn't include the oil pan, and that's what got my attention! I had checked the part number and the price online @ gmgoodwrench.com, and the price listed was well below what my local dealer was quoting me, so I called other dealerships, and low and behold, the prices varied. So I did a little haggling, and got a good price with only a little extra effort.
I have to reiterate the point about the quality. I was AMAZED when I pulled the engine apart to do the cam change, and found gaskets that are so far superior to ANYTHING I've seen on the aftermarket. That's not to say outside vendors don't have quality products, but these are just outstanding!

Hey Ken, if you're serious, and just payed $360 for a new pan, what kind is it, and where did you buy it? GM offers a late model pan (like mine) for about $150.
It's a Canton Road racing 7-qt pan with all the baffles, windage tray, scraper, etc.. ;)

_ken :w
385 Fastburn

I bought and installed the same 385 Fastburn eng in my '72 this past Fall and I couldn't be happier.
I've dropped in 3.70 gears, but w/my old M-20 box I feel it could be a little quicker aft some changes.
I was wondering about a "hotter" cam, but I'm not nearly qualified to make an intelligent choice.
Could you possibly help w / P/N's and some pic.s? I'd really appreciate it...maybe we could swap tips and stuff.
I've put about 1300 miles on mine so far and aside fr the required oil changes I haven't experienced a single prob.!
take care,
I've only driven the new setup a couple miles after breaking in the cam, but it feels smooth, with a strong top end rush, which is exactly what I was looking for. With 3.70's, and a close ratio M-21, I have all the bottom grunt I need, but lost steam up higher in the rev range.

You can purchase them separate, or as a complete set, which includes the cam, rockers, springs, and retainers.
P/N for the kit is 12480002
Cam # is:24502586
Rockers (1.6:1) are:12370839
Springs are:12551483
Retainers are: 10212808
Keepers are: 24503856

If this isn't something you've done before, then I'd buy the kit, and make sure you have someone experienced with you, since there are some small, but vital issues you're dealing with.
Also, make sure you have new intake, fuel pump, Felpro double thickness valve cover gaskets (the rockers are taller than stock), and oil pan gaskets, as well as a new timing cover. The new timing covers have a silicone seal already in place, and once used, should be discarded and replaced. Also, drop your steering link, then drop the oil pan before pulling the timing cover and proceeding, you'll save yourself a great deal of aggravation, and reassembly will go much smoother.
Anything else I can do, don't hesitate to let me know.

Oh yeah, go to www.gmgoodwrench.com and follow the links to the performance parts, then wind your way through, and you'll find an absolute wealth of info about all the parts I listed above.

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