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My project



Here are a good number of pics for you guys and gals out there. Shes a real good project car.

Hey 69MYWAY take a look at the rockers you sent me I got them back on friday gone, had them sandblasted and rebuilt at the ends.
Body lift.

Here we are lifting out the body with the usa of an A Frame and some 60' container straps. Took us the whole morning.
on the costom made horses. Easier to clean the bottom and check the rockers.
how she is now, the fenders have been removed for windshield frame repair.
ahhhh rust dont you just hate this stuff!!!!

Both sides are like this.

Thank to 69MYWAY I have a perfect set of replacements. Look below.
Rockers under side. All rust free and ready for installation, after some paint.
You have one heck of a project going on there. I am glad I have now sailed well beyond that point of my project. Those were the times when I would walk out to the shop and look at the car cut in several different parts and wonder to myself if they would ever be one again.

You are doing a great job. Keep the updates coming.

BTW, my project is on hold, now waiting on my wheels, top frame, seat covers, etc.
Looks like you're going to have a lot of, ummm, fun;). Nice to see another one being rescued:).

Did the little pooch help out at all or just pose for the picture?

- Eric
Actually all the pooch did was get in the way. But he's good comic relief. Especially when the stress kicks in!!! DAMN ANOTHER ROUNDED NUT!!!! AHRGGGGG!!!!

Ill post the chassis pics when we complete it in 2 weeks.
All I can say is WOW! :eek

Glad it's you and not me, I think a project like that would drive me (even more) crazy... :crazy

Have fun!
Barb :w

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