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My Rear end....ARRRGGGGGG!



Ok all you super mechanic types, as some of you know I just had a complete rear end rebuild done on my 81. Here's the problem; driving at slow speeds I had a clunking noise in the rear, since everything was new I figured it was just something that needed to be tightened up, maybe the front pinion mount. WRONG! It's the freakin' right side yoke on the differential. I had the car up on jack stands after I tightened everything up and was just checking to see if there was any play in the NEW wheel bearings, turns out there is some in/out play in the yoke.

Anyone have suggestions? Can I replace this without pulling the entire rear again? Right now I just plan on trailering the car up to Van Steel and telling them to fix it since everything is new and I've put less than 100 miles on it.

AAARRRRRGGGGGGG! I could just shoot something right now!:r I guess I'll just have to let this guy do it for me for now. If anyone needs me I'll be in the garage pacing the floor with my Colt .45 ;)
Put the gun down, Scott!

It's only me!

Whew! That was close....

Sorry about the agravations the 81 is giving you. I would think whoever installed it would repair the problem, esp since you've only driven less than 100mi. Didn't they replace the yokes when they did the rear end? Aren't the rear bearings in the yokes?

Please pardon my ignorant questions, when we did the rear end on the 78, it was before I became interested in her, so I didn't learn anything about it.

Best of luck. At least you are getting this taken care of in advance, instead of during your trip to BG!

Get some positraction additive and put several tubes in the rear end GM sell this stuff in 4oz tubes this will condition your posi clutches and stop the clunking
I was going to agree whith Phoenix, and I do, but somthing else you may look at is the emergency brack cable "micky mouse" clip, somtimes this, if not put on in the proper postion, will hit on the wheel or wheel weight. Back to the rear diff oil, try 2 containers of Limited Slip additive. If you had your rear diff out and cleaned it somtimes take awhile to get the grease up into the clutches..............Steve
Hey guys,

Thanks for the input but I don't think it's anything to do with the posi, I watched Art put it all together and he added the posi lube, and it's not that type of clunk sound. At first I thought it was the front pinion bushing had come loose but everything it real tight. It's making that type of clunk, especially when shifting from 2nd to 3rd gear.

Steve- The mickey mouse clips are fine now, already experienced that problem just after I assembled everything. That one drove me crazy for only 2 days before I figured it out.

There is actual in & out movement of the right side differential yoke which I think is way too much, everything is brand new and should have no movement really. And with only 2 weeks until Brutus gets here from Australia and 3 weeks until the BG trip I'm having a stroke about this. But Heidi is right, better now than in the middle of Bubba country.

Heidi- this is the yoke that fits into the differential, my guess is the clip broke. Amazingly it's just a small C-clip holding all that together...and they are heavy duty yokes too, that's what really grinds me.

Just another day in the life of a Corvette owner ;)
Scott, I have seen the clip gone and when the car is on the rack the side yoke came out inches, but with no clunk. I am trying very hard in my mind to figure out what it could be, I fancey myself as somwhat of a "clunk" expert:eek but this is giving me a little trouble. Is this an auto or 4sp? How is your tranny mount? How is your left motor mount? How about your rear shocks? Does your car have a rear sway bar?............I'm trying man..........Steve
Check your carrier mount bushing on the front of the differential housing. Chuck

Thanks for the help. My car is a 1981 auto (700r4), everything from the tranny back is brand spankin' new(4 month rebuild job). http://www.sharkwerkes.com/sharktank/tech2/rear1.html

Over the weekend I checked every nut and bolt and they are all tight as can be. The front pinion mount is also tight which kind of surprised me since the sound it makes. There is about 1/4 inch or so movement (in & out) of the passenger side yoke (diff). The motor mounts are also new. All bushings from the tranny mount back are new poly bushings.

So far the only thing wrong I can see is the in & out movement of the yoke. Whatever it is I'm sure I'll find out soon, I'm going to trailer it to Van Steel at the end of the week and let Art check it over...I'm stumped.
Boy Do I know What you are going through


Van Steel... Van Steel... Van Steel Those are my 3 suggestions. Now give me three for my noise :D

Post solution to yoke problem

I've been searching for info on the acceptable side yoke clearance for my 1979 for sometime. Even had a posting here several weeks ago. Have gotten several different answers on the "correct" side yoke clearance from local Corvette shops (Washington State)??????
When VanSteel completes their inspection of your rear suspension would you post what they told you was an acceptable measurement/clearance range for side yoke in-out movement? Or e-mail me directly with their recommendations. Seems like this is info that could be of value to many of us. Good luck on your fix. Thanks much, Craig
Bud- we'll have a couple beers and tell BIG lies to each other at the Baymont...if I make it without using some of my C4 stash to fix the vette. ;)

Craig- I will definately post what they have to say about the yoke movement specs, hopefully it's something simple and I can be back on the road next week.


Good selection in pisola. 45 ACP is my personal favorite. Between you and Bud with the "clunks".... And I though having no brakes at 70mph was fun. :D 24 days to go to get it fixed. See you there. I've got some good lies myself.


The Colt is one of my favorites, a nice customized Stainless Commander model.

I sure hope me and Bud get our clunkers fixed in time...I'll have to break out the heavy artillery if I can't drive to BG.

Can't wait to hear your lies too ;)
C4 maybe the cure.... and I'm not talking Corvettes here ... :J :J
Bud & Ken-

Here's what happens if my Vette isn't fixed before the BG trip.


Have a nice day :cool

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