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need carpet advice


c webb

Just bought 1977 in good condition but carpet in front floors needs replaced. Would like to get it done right. can anybody out there lead me in the right direction. Thanks c.w.
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I thought you might get a better response here in the C3 Tech. Section.. I know a few of our members have changed out their carpets,, I,m pretty sure Red73BB has installed new carpets in his ride ;)

If we don't get some responses here I'll find a couple of threads and post them here.. while we wait check out the Portal .. just click on it at the top of the page and do a little browsing around, and we all really Like pictures.. hint, hint :D
Here is some reading material


Guess everyone is bashful tonight. This will get you started just click on CARPETS and you'll find some good stuff..

I have layed down carpet in a number of cars and trucks over the years. Its not a tough job. Mainly, pull up the old stuff, clean out all of the nasty debris that end up below it. You might want to remove the sound deadner as well, I normally do. You can buy this stuff by the roll or cut to fit (it should be silver on one or both sides, I like the silver on both). Here is what I normally do;

Start out by laying your new carpet out in the garage for half a day. This will help smooth it out some, as it may have folds from shipping.

1. Clean the bare floor pan surface. This is also a good time to spray down an undercoating type material. You can ge this from just about any automotive store. I like using it becuase it will stick to anything and creates a better sound and heat barrier than paint.
2. When this is dry lay out your sound deadner/heat shield to fit the area. Note - it doesnt have to cover every square inch, just the main areas.
3. Get some of the spray adheasive and spray it down on the surface. Then apply the sound deadner and stick it down good.
4. Use the old carpet as a pattern to lay out where to cut needed holds for seat bolts, light switches, etc... Use tape on these areas and then lay the carpet in place to make sure that the areas are correct.
5. Cut you holes only big enough for the needed area. Most people over cut carpet.
6. I dont normally spray adheasive between the carpet and deadner. If you need to pull it up for any reason, it will shread the deadner material.
7. Just lay the carpet down, smooth it out, let it sit for a while, then bolt everything back in place.
Hope this helps. Good luck with your project.
:upthumbs Good, I was waiting for another Shark to step forward before I butted-in with my .02. ;)

I've done it, but Hijinx has it covered. (No pun intended -- really!) :L

The subject has "been called to the carpet" in the magazines as well. :eyerole

_ken :w
Carpet (and seats) is one of the many things on my long range list. I've never carpeted a Vette but it seems as though there are a lot more nooks and crannies than any other car. I'm not looking forward to it. At least since mine is a vert I'll be able to remove the rear deck to gain easy access.

It's a piece o' cake guys, the hardest part is just getting everything out of the interior. ;)

_ken :w
Hello CW and welcome to CACC, HiJinks does have this topic very well laid out :) It took me a day to remove the seat, console and old smelly carpet and installing the new. There really was no problems, it just take some time. I installed heat barriers also under seat area. The barrier, sound deadner and the carpet made the installation of the seat a much harder job because of the thickness of the materials and the length of the seat bolts. I ended up cutting out the barrier in those areas.
Its time well spend.
A month after purchase new floor mats because the old one were so faded and the color didn't match.

Good Luck,
Pile alternatives?

I don't like the "original" vette carpets. I was looking for some Mercedes, Jag, Porsche type tight loop carpets. Has anyone seen a contoured set for vettes (I'm a poet and my feet show it ........)

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