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NEED Help with Dash!!!!


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May 23, 2001
1985 Bright Red Rocket
Ok bought this Wood dash kit and it included the piece to go overtop the Old "Corvette" embossed Foam Log I really need to know how to remove that thing I cant really see any mounting screws (Like you can on the dash) so again HELP!! Lol
:eyerole :eyerole :eyerole :eyerole :eyerole
The "breadloaf"...

BigRed, the breadloaf is held in place by four nuts that are accessed from the rear, and if memories serves me well, two or three of the them can be accessed by removing the lower dash pad and reaching up to them (you really can't see them) with an extension and ratchet; I forget the exact size of the nut.

The upper nuts are the most difficult to reach; I found that by removing the dash pad (top), you can access them much easier, but I never did get all four of mine back in place. I just can't do it! So now there is an occasional bump from that side of the dash when I'm on rough roads. No big deal, but it is annoying when one is a perfectionist. :L

Good luck.
Great Thanks alot I would have NEVER done that not knowing

Shucks Ken your the Best LOL :beer

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