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need help with glove box 80

silver 80

Well-known member
Jul 9, 2001
1980 silver with blk interior 1987 blue / blue
need some help getting the latch out of the glove box door. I have ordered the assembly manual but it hasn't goten here yet and the service manual too.
thanks for any help.
just finished rebuilding the power antenna, now just waiting on the new radio that wil work with the antenna. the car came with a radio if you want to call it that. so some one wired the antenna to the key switch and not the radio.
silver 80 click on this link about Glove Box Locks it is one of the best descriptions I seen.. I borrowed this from a previous post ;)

This is great. I had to force my lcok open. Actually had a locksmith do it. Damn thing wouldn't open when I locked it one day. I bought a new lock and wasn't looking forward to getting the old one out.:r

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