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Aug 1, 2001
2003 Z06
I will own a Z06 one day (after college) and I will just make it into a all out street racing machine.

Can a Z06 be super or turbo charged? What is the difference between the two? How much power could be gained?

Is it possible to tune a Z06 to the point that it could run 10 second quarter miles?
Hello Bullwinkle,
The 2002 Z06 is a fair street machine right off the showroom floor, for that matter the standard coupe and covertible are pretty good in their own right. The standard engine is 350 HP, and w/the 6 speed trans you will have 375 lbs ft. of torque.
The Z06 with it's LS6 develops 405 HP and 400 lbs ft. of torque.

Now to your question, turbo VS super charging.
Turbo charging is produced by a turbine located downstream in the exhaust manifold, it utilizes the hot gasses from the exhaust to spin up a small turbine that in turn directly drives another small centrifugal turbine or compressor that compresses the air, making it more dense, and therefore produces higher combustion chamber pressures, hence more force exerted on the piston driving it down with more force and a resulting more HP and Tq.
Supercharging does essentially the same thing to the air, but instead of being driven by hot exhaust gases, it is usually driven off the engine at a speed relative to the crankshaft RPM, normally by a belt.
This means that when power is demanded, in supercharging the response is practically instantaneous, as opposed to turbocharging that has "turbine lag", this is cause by the very short amount of time needed for the turbine to spin up to a higher RPM in order to produce the additional pressure.
I forgot to try to answer your last question,
The Z06 can def. be a 10 sec. car, but it takes some $$$$$ to get into that league. Somewhere in here or maybe it was in the Z06 registery.com I saw a black Z that had under 10 sec. times.
To get in the 10 sec. times you need somewhere on the order of 550 HP at the flywheel, more or less, there are some calculators around that will give a good estimate based on the weight of the car w/driver.
Also with turbo and or supercharging, if one expects the engine to last more than a run or two even the LS6 should be built from the ground up to accept the added pressures resulting from supercharging, turbocharging, NOS and anything else you might be throwing at it.
which one would cost more, turbo or super?

you said 550 HP at the flywheel as opposed to the rearwheels? i'm still kind of lost on that one. could you please vaguely explain it, i'm not really that knowledgeable, but i can hold my own.

have you done any mods to your Z06?

with already 405 HP bone stock, it wouldn't be too hard to get the HP up to 550 would it?
Hi again,
Generally speaking, and this is very general... turbo charging is usually the less expensive, but not always. I don't have any mods to mine, and I don't plan on upgrading the engine over what came bone stock.
The HP at the flywheel that I mentioned is the HP being produced by the engine before it goes into the drivetrain. There is always some HP lost because of friction and efficiency of the driivetrain components. I don't have any figures for the current C5 cars, but typical drivetrain loss is usually on the order of 40 HP sometimes a bit more depending on many factors within the design and engineering of the drive train components, type of transmission, Auto vs manual etc etc.
With 405 HP and 400 lbs of tq the LS6 version of the LS1 is ready to rock right out of the box. Massaging another 100 HP out of that engine shouldn't be too expensive. There are quite a few folks on this site who have made numerous mods to their Z06 already. I would suggest you surf around the site, look for those who have listed their mods, and see if they will give you info. on what it cost them, and how much HP they gain with the mods they made. that's probably a good way to see how much you wi9ll have to invest, and what gives the biggest bang for the buck.

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