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Need recommendation on a replacement Starter



Do i have 153 or 168 teeth on the FLywheel for selection of a Starter ? Which would you recommend...id like one that will have greater than stock starting torque and will clear my Hooker Super Comp. Headers. Thanks,



It looks like there are variables that I don't know about that determine which flywheel you have. It doesn't seem to make any difference wheather it is a stick or automatic as they both list the 153 tooth as 12 3/4" diameter and the 168 as 14" diameter. You will need to take off the flywheeel inspection cover between the oil pan and the trans and measure it. Should be able to stick a tape or ruler up in there.

GM Performance parts lists a high torque mimi-starter pn 12361146 for use with headers and tight fit applications. They also list other HD starters in the Performance Parts book. I don't see any reference to flywheel diameters though. Doesn't seem to make any difference. Might also try Summits or Jegs. I have seen these starters there too.

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If the starter has two long bolts it's 168 tooth. If one long and one short bolt, it's 153 tooth. This has been my experience anyway. I have used both and have noticed no difference in cranking power. But one would think the larger one would be better. If you need serious cranking power grab a 6.2 diesel starter, throw away the center support, nose cone and drive. Have the small end of the shaft turned down to the smaller size of a gasoline starter shaft. Install the standard drive and a cast steel nosecone (I suppose an aluminum one would work also). It will then fit your application and spin it like hell. I use this combination on a 604 inch alcohol engine. Works beautifuly.
I have no idea if it will clear your hedders. I haven't had amazing luck with the mini starters. They spin so damn slow!

Note: not responsibe for incorrect answers, sorry I'm getting old.

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6.2 starter

Great tip on the deisel starter. I know I have read that somewhere but I had forgotten all about it. (Getting old too) What is the alky motor in?
oh yeah!

Fun and loud. Got pictures?
Moff and Tom,

Thanks for your help. I just ordered in a Racing MiniStarter from Summit...ill see how that works. Thanks for your help.


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