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need some help


robert kirk

looking to buy a c4. any problems i should look for? looking at a 94 coup with auto green. 88000miles asking 13000. car looks nice. where is the jack on a 94? what do you guys think? any words or wisdom would be app. thanks robert
Robert, my "words of wisdom" would include first buying a copy of Michael Antonick's "The Illustrated Corvette Buyer's Guide". It's loaded with answers to your questions as well as a few more that you probably didn't think of.

$13,000 for an 88,000 mile car is kinda high unless it's in some kind of exceptional condition I would think.

And as far as I know, the jack storage for the '94 should be located in the same place as my '87; in the passenger-side rear storage compartment.

Hope this helps you. Good luck with your purchase. :upthumbs
on my car the jack is in spare tire carrier tucked awawy in a black
rob, I have an 87 vette. Now, it does have high highway miles, a total of 167,000 to be exact, however it has a total engine and tranny rebuild at 134,000. The exterior and interior looks brand spanking new. New tires, brakes, alternator, etc...
Runs like a raped ape! It does everything better than my two C3 vettes could ever do. I paid $6250 for the car. I figure that I would have to run the thing up a pole to ruin this investment! In my area, clean 92-94's are selling for around 16,000 to 18,000. In my area, Vettes are not driven from Nov-March due to bad weather. So, they're usually pretty clean underneath as well. I really like the improvements in the "94 style. My next Vette will be likely a 97. I love the new style. I got to drive one. Major cool!! C5 beats the C4 in everything. Prices of the 97 will come down in about 2 years. I loved my 71 and 76 Vettes, but became spoiled with the advances of the C4. They're not as pretty, but grow on your real fast. I swear my 87 will outrun my 71 LT-1 in the 1/4 mi run! I hope you get a good 94, I'd love to have one!
hi jay, yes i bought a 92 polo green coupe, auto tan interior. car has 90 thou on it now. this car is great. it had 85 on it when i bought it. paid 10400. the only problem was head light bushings were gone. $10 and two hours time fixed that. as much as i like my 71 vert this car is much more comfortable to drive, cd, power seats, targa top, it is a great highway car. my 71 is my baby but for long trips the 92 is the better choice. both are great cars they are so diff it is amazing. the 71 is in the body shop now getting new paint, when i get it done i will give the 92 to my son he loves the car. we went to florida to pick it up and he drove it back. the smile has not left his face yet. robert
Geez,all sorts of jack locations.
My jack is located on the floor behind the drivers seat where it expands into a couple of holders to secure it.

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