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New Airbox??


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Dec 6, 2000
Bradenton, FL
'90 ZR-1 #3010
I heard Mark Coplon was making a new airbox for the ZR's. Anyone know anything about it?

Jay,all I have heard so far from Mark is that it would be made out of stainless steel & carbon fiber. Cost was going to be somewhere around $300. I'll drop Mark a line and see what's up with the project.
Clint Hooper
LT5 Registry #001
Clint, I'd appreciate that. I dropped him an email quite some time ago, but haven't heard back from him. Sounds like a pretty cool airbox.

Jay,I received an answer from Mark about his new airbox. Basically,what he said was that it was still under development. Sorry but Mark didn't elaborate any further.
I have not tested any aftermarket "airboxes" for 90-up C4s, however, I baselined my existing intake system in preparation for testing the Jeal airbox. Based on that test, I question the idea that the ZR1 and other C4s using the 90-up air filter assy. have the same restriction problem as do C5s and require an aftermarket airbox for improved performance.

My existing air intake system consists of a production air filter housing, a K&N filter element, a DRM "open element" air filter top and a stock intake air duct fitted with an aluminum brace to prevent duct-collapse.

I've run that set-up on the Dynojet many times at the 390-410 rwhp level.

To see if there was a need for a better airbox, during one test session I removed the air filter assembly and ran the test with just the intake air duct installed.

There was no performance change in running with no air filter assy. at all vs. running a slightly-modified, production air filter assy.

This test seems to indicate that, excepting those that generate a slight ram air effect at very high speed, at least up to the 500hp level, *no* aftermarket airbox is capible of a performance improvement.

Interesting point Hib. It sounds like I am running the exact same air intake system as you are. Stock housing, open air lid, K&N, into a Mark Coplon air duct. I guess the only true way to notice a difference is on the dyno........in which you mentioned there being no differnce at all.
You've got me thinking now, Hib........
I still would like to see what Mark has to offer in the upcoming months.......

Some of the Zr1 guy's from around here are using the forced air system that mount's where the front license plate is supposed to go . And they like it alot.
The "forced" or ram air systems for C4s are really a bit different in that, not only are they an aftermarket air filter assembly but they take air either from the front plate opening or from the cooling air inlet.

Understand that these devices up to about 60-80 mph offer no performance increase over a modified OE air filter housing and a K&N. Above those speeds there is a slight performance increase due to the ram air effect and the strength of this effect increases with speed.

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