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New c5 Dyno Tuned questions


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Jul 21, 2020
United States
Long story short. I've wanted a c5 for a while. Hard to find where I live. Earlier this summer I came across one. Beautiful, clean, fast, and in my price range. So I went and looked at it, the owner started it up and I instantly bought it. Didn't need a test drive because I could tell this was everything the owner described.. I've been extremely happy for the past 2 months and put almost 8k miles on it. I was obviously very excited about the purchase and left a bunch of paperwork for the cars mods at the dude's house. (He lives 700miles away and since I lost his number) but I did screenshot the craigslist add and the add showed the

List of modifications :
315 gears from 273 factory
Ported and polished heads
Vararam intake
SS long tube headers
Muffler delete (straight)
Texas speed cam 212/218
2200 stall converter
Dyno tuned

My question is how do I know it's Dyno tuned? And in everyoe else's opinion what other mods should I go for next?

I got 295/35r18 NT05 on the back and the concrete was damn and she broke the tires loose at 90mph

Also the passenger side air conditioner only slightly works. I was thinking blend door actuator but it will change to heat and back to coldish so it maybe getting hung up? What's best way to check this?
There is no easy way to determine conclusively whether and engine has been "dyno tuned".

One way to tell is to compare the current calibration in the ECM to a stock cal. You'd need HPTuners for that.

That said, if the car as-modified drives nicely, then you can assume that's it's been properly calibrated or "tuned".

As for additional modifications...if you're looking for more significant improvements, it would come from a displacement increase or supercharging. If you are looking for just a reliability/durability improvement, pull the engine and replace the stock nodular iron crankshaft with a forged steel unit and replace the pistons with forged units.

If the car spins the tires at 90-mph, buy new tires.

Can't help on the HVAC problem other than suggesting you research the Factory Service Manual. I don't have experience working on the HVAC because I've never had any trouble with my C5's system so I've never worked on it.

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