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I,ve recently opened a 40 ft trailor that has been housing vintage vette items dating back to `56, it,s a mess and will take some time to examine and search part #,s before i list them here and on other locals , any leads on catalogs for part numbers and descriptions would be greatly appreciated.

Is a lot of the stuff NOS with parts numbers on them? I have GM catalogs and can probably help with some of the applications.

Part #,s

Thanks Tom , Abount 99% of everything is NOS ,and i,ll take you up on your offer ,seeings how there,s no intellagent life here in N.H,,i,ll start sending #,s to in the next couple of days, greatly appreciated.

Please include the parts name and/or group with the numbers. I don't have a way of going from numbers to name.

i have some parts manuels also and an early one with old #S:w :)

Between the 3 of us we may get these parts all sorted out.

All i had to do is ask

Hey this is great guys a big thank you ,i,ve been writing down some # and ready to start throwing them at ya ,any request for photos welcome ,i,ve got piles of items ,buckets ,milk crates ,boxes,a whole bunch of old distorted packages,Here we go.
Bpr or fender brkt,#10038321
2 fuel inj embs#3742212
Mlding clips #12338254
Seat belt or floor bracket #327400
Trans gears or syncrods#14050737
""" # 1109059-7D-4-7
""" #1108430 -4E-6-1
#1100597 61A-4827
#1109504 2A -A3112V
#1100236 42A-4C8
Ac Hose 3399E -3998438

I,ve got hundreds of items but not all the time to sit and rummage thru everything at once ,these are a start ,we,ll get to the good stuff later ,Generators ,distributors ,manifolds ,susp,ononon we go , greatly appreciated the help guys,:upthumbs

The 3742212 FI emblems are '57. I have a new pair also. Don't know if they are available from GM any more or not. Repros are available. I'll check some more stuff when I'm more awake.

Take your time

Hi Tom thank you , i,m in no hurry thes items have been sitting this long,i,m mainly concerned with the year vette they belong to,and anyone else thats looking out Thanks ,i,ll be offline for a couple of days trying to catch up with work in the shop,here,s a couple of intakes manifolds i found stashed,
#3927184 Gm5 T C14-9
#39784893 Gm8 C-61
More emblems,
Thank you Tom
Re: parts


3947801= '69 427/390hp
3927184= '69 300hp and 350 hp/ 350 cu in March 14, 1969 casting date

That 3rd intake number has too many digits in it. I couldn't find anything similar but I'm guessing it to be a '71 casting, probably not Corvette.

3767507= '57 Cross Flags


1109059 is a late production '77 with 4 speed April 4, 1977 build date

1108430 was used for several years with Turbo Hydromatic trans. This one is dated May 6, 1974

The other 2 are not Corvette numbers.

1100597 = 61 amp early '75 with option UA1 heavy duty battery dated 4B27 or Feb 27,1974

1100859=42 amp '69 with 300 or 350 hp 350 cu in

1100236 is a '74 but not Corvette don't find the other one. It may be too new for my books

On brackets and things if there is a parts tag or packaging look for a group number.An example would be Gr. 8.147. This will take me right to the group where the part is listed.

Got It

Hi Tom ,got it , hey this is great , i,ll get back to ya later,

Find any more cool stuff in that trailer?


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