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Hey. I'm about to turn 16 and get my first car (68-82 corvette). I have a couple of questions though before i get one. If anybody knows an answer, please feel more than welcome to answer.
1. What do the terms stingray and roadster mean?
2. If there are any real young drivers of corvettes that use it as a primary car, how much does you insurance cost, and who do u get it from?
3. What are the racks on the back of some corvettes used for?
4. How fast have u gone up to in your corvette?

Thanks -Drade
Welcome Drade

I'm sure you'll enjoy visiting this site. Great people and lots of good info.
As for your questions, I'm not sure about my answers, but someone here will have the correct answers for you.

I think Stingray applied to the earlier C3 generation, even though the body style was similar, the badging of 'stingray' wasn't carried throughout the entire C3 generation. Sort of like Chevelle/Malibu. I never could figure out which one it was, but now I lean towards Chevelle as the car, with Malibu as the style.

Roadster I believe means a convertable...and I'm not sure if it means having a BB, too.

Racks on the back of Vettes are for luggage, though I've never seen the racks used for that purpose.

We have plenty of young drivers here who can answer insurance questions for you. At twice your age, I don't qualify to answer that question!

I've never pushed myself as a driver or the 78 as a Vette to any limit. I can count the times I've squealed tires on a corner on one hand with fingers left over. I keep records for law enforcement, and I have filed some awful accident photos. I have NO desire to find out what pushing my vette beyond the limits would do. That's not to say I don't enjoy my 78 on curves...I just don't find any need to speed on public roadways. There are enough problems dealing with traffic and inattentive drivers, without me adding speed as another factor. However, I do like getting up to speed quickly. ;)

Happy Corvette shopping! And welcome to the Corvette Action Center Community.
Silver aka:Heidi
First of all Drade, welcome to the CAC. You're sure to find plenty of advise and good info here.
1. What do the terms stingray and roadster mean?
Check out the Corvette Terminology section of the CAC see what all of our language means. I'll get you started by telling you that the one-word version of Stingray appeared on all 69-76 Vettes; it wasn't an option or a special edition, it was just a badge on all of them. You will also see it as two words, Sting Ray, as it appeared on what we vetters call mid-year Corvettes produced from 63-67. The term originated on a racecar built in 1959. As for other info, educate yourself and check out cars at shows, talk to owners and take them with you to look at cars (we love it). There is plenty to learn about Corvettes and some people will see fool stamped on everyones forehead so arm yourself with knowledge.

2. If there are any real young drivers of corvettes that use it as a primary car, how much does you insurance cost, and who do u get it from?
I can't help you out here but it won't be cheap. Like you, I wanted one from early on but couldn't afford the car and the insurance. I'm sure someone else will help you out with this info.

3. What are the racks on the back of some corvettes used for?
The racks were a dealer installed option and, though they are called luggage racks (like Heidi said), the only thing I've ever seen on them is t-tops but even that is risky considering the price to replace t-tops.

4. How fast have u gone up to in your corvette?
I have to agree with Heidi on this one. It took me 30+ years to get my first Vette and I'm not risking it. Speed is for a track, especially in an old Vette. These cars don't react very well to impacts and the drivers usually don't either. When my father totalled his 67 in 72, you couldn't tell it was a car, let alone a Corvette. As you will find in many other threads, Corvette drivers get taunted by everything with four wheels. Just remember, everyone wants to challenge the best but I just don't feel I have anything to prove.

Considering some of the crazy things I did when I was your age, I'm probably alive today because I didn't have a Vette back then. Best of luck in your search and be careful.
drade no offense but at 16, speed should not be a concern ,a vette can be a dangerous tool in the hands a young driver.trust me i know.must of us treat our vettes like a lady,obey all laws,and when you wanna open her up,take her to the track.i have teenage sons 16-18 of my own.and i would like to have them and you around for a long time

now for insurance an extra $3200 because i have two teenage drivers in my household:cry :cry

I only pay 120 a month for insurance at State Farm.
I have 30% off though. 10% off for taking drivers ed., 10% off for listening to their driving program, and 10% off for A's and B's at school.
If you take their driving program don't ask any questions or you will be their all day.
I am only 17 so I think that it is a pretty good deal for only a $1000 deductable.
Re: Re: New Driver

The racks were a dealer installed option and, though they are called luggage racks (like Heidi said), the only thing I've ever seen on them is t-tops but even that is risky considering the price to replace t-tops.
71shark...Could you define the term "risky"?
I've used the luggage rack to stow my T-Tops and my glass Moonroof T-Tops. Never once have I considered this to be risky, except maybe the theft of said tops. I've given the holders plenty of chances to let loose and it remains a solid way to stow the tops. I've driven over rough train tracks with no effect and also topped 120+ mph with no movement of the strapped down tops. The air-flow from the roof does not get trapped under the tops it flows over them. I think any problem would be the luggage rack mounting itself, that is, not being properly tighened down to the rear deck. Stowing the tops in this manor keeps them and the interior free from damage upon storing or removal from the luggage area. It also leaves the luggage area free for other uses.
Re: Re: Re: New Driver

tangee-vette said:

71shark...Could you define the term "risky"?


No offense intended. I've just heard some horror stories, most likely from owners not securing the tops sufficiently. I have also seen a few of the racks where, as you stated, the rack wasn't installed correctly and there were cracks all over the rear deck.

- Eric
None taken Eric

I was just hoping you didn't know something I didn't.

Man, that is a cool shot Rick. I've always thought those tops were so sweet with the paint around the edge:upthumbs!

- Eric
Going FAST!

Chad, check out this thread for my experience on the track. :J You'll love it more than you can imagine, it also, by giving you the actual hands-on driving experience at WOT, shows you up close and in-your-face just why you should keep it on the track and off the street. ;)

The street is for the day-to-day grind and cruisin'. :cool

See this My First Track Experience! :D
Non-driver's Ed.

Welcome to the CACC. It's a great place to hang out, digitally. :) First off though, let me tell you something I learned a long time ago; Driver's Ed. doesn't teach you squat. Yeah, they teach you the law and some basics, but they leave huge gaps that can only be filled in by experience. I'm sure it's a liability issue, but not knowing how to handle a car under "out-of-control" circumstances, is probably the biggest factor in accidents. Sure, you're told to look around and swerve, but have you actually been in one of these situations? Split seconds and mastery of your skills are the only things that will save your butt.
How fast have u gone up to in your corvette?
It's fun going fast. If you don't respect the dynamics of it though, you're liable to kill someone. In the past few years in Houston, there have been "street racing" deaths. For example, down on Rankin Road, a couple of kids (who went to see some street racing) got in the path of a Camaro that had to be doing about 130mph. I don't know what car they were in 'cause it got split in half. I think three of them died. Some moron in a Trans Am rolled his car on 59 just inside 610, cause he was racing another in Friday night traffic. Still more kids died when they were in a car that was racing and hit a tree. All of these accidents were caused by stupidity and the absence of respect for the awesome responsibility that comes from driving. It's a priveilage to have a license, not a right. I don't mean to talk down to you, but to make you realise that you control your own fate. --Bullitt
A man has to know his limitations.--Clint Eastwood
Re: Non-driver's Ed.

Bullitt said:
A man has to know his limitations.--Clint Eastwood

Man you sure got that right! Everyday I have to re-learn mine. :eyerole

Welcome to the Corvette Action Center :)
Drade, i'm two years older than you and so far, I'm enjoying this "legal adulthood." First, welcome to the world of scrutiny in driving. Here insurance rates will be insanely high if you own and drive a car with more than 150hp, and if anyone screws up, it's your face where all fingers will be pointed (I've been involved in 2 accidents so far which weren't my fault, and I was blamed due to my age) Yes, that's right. they found some way to pin the blame on me when I proved it wasn't my fault. So take it easy, there's always some jerk on the road who thinks he's worth more than you.

My advice: get full coverage auto insurance!

Also, get to know your vette. She'll be your best friend in the garage, not only some speed crazed machine you like jamming the gas on. And most of all remember: PUNISH those who can't drive courteously...they deserve it!
It is a mystical myth among non-Corvette owners, that C-3s handle like Ferraris . . . they don't. Corvettes, especially C-3s in my opinion are the coolest looking cars on the road. Many of them are very quick, depending upon which engine is installed and whether or not it has been modified. Even those that are dead stock L-48s are quick enough to scare sensible people. In the wrong hands they are downright deadly. Regardless of our level of driving skill, nearly everyone thinks they are a better driver than they really are. That coupled with the fact that these cars are not your everyday family sedan can make for a very dangerous situation.

In 1975, when I was 17 years old, we were on a family outing to the local mountains. We were driving a 1968 Chevrolet pickup with an overhead camper on the back. Because of the wieght of the camper and the fact that we were pulling a fairly steep grade, we were travelling at a greatly reduced rate of speed. That lack of speed saved our lives. Why? Coming from the other direction was a driver travelling far too fast for the steep, curvy road. As we entered the curve from the down hill side, he entered the same curve at the upper end coming towards us. Half way through the curve, drifting over into our lane, the driver panicked and hit the brakes. It crossed him up and he plowed into us sideways, still travelling close to 70 MPH. We were only moving at about 30 MPH - a combined speed of 100 MPH!! I hate to think of what might have happened had we been traveling at a higher rate of speed. As it was, we had multiple injuries and both vehicles were totaled. All this because someone was stupid.

Oh, by the way, the car that hit us? A 1975 Corvette. The car was three days old. The impact cut it in half. The driver? Luckily, he survived . . . only had to eat through a tube for a few months.

Ya wanna go fast? Go to the track.

Now, if you want to know the theoretical top speed of your car, I will calculate it if you give me the following:

Engine - size and stock or modified
Transmission - TH400, TH350, 700R-4, etc.
Final drive ratio
Tire size

Be careful kid . . . we need people like you to continue taking care of these hunks of iron after us old farts are gone . . .

rpounds said:
...he plowed into us sideways, still travelling close to 70 MPH. We were only moving at about 30 MPH - a combined speed of 100 MPH!!

Actually Ron, I think it's worse. I think the forces grow exponentially. ;) But you definitely made a good point! :upthumbs


You're right . . . I was forgetting inertia.


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