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New Ground Effects?

MissKiss, That is a goodlooking Yellow Vette. I couldn't read much more then that though, I only know a couple words in French(and one of them is Corvette, I think) I like the Greenwood ground effects. I have installed a couple of ground effects and the Greenwood ones are allot less labor intensive. The others are cheaper but, there is a reason.......I do think that the Black cars look good with a little ground effects..........Steve
Greetings Steve,

Aren't we fortunate to have someone of your skills and expertise on this forum. Wish I lived closer....I'd give you my business. (No bad jokes, OK) I'm not sure if this is new generation of Greenwood Ground Effects, or others, but, I am blown away by how seamless/factory it looks. Cheque book in hand, who makes it....who has it....where is it....must have it!! :s

MissKiss, Thankyou for your kind words, I appiciate them. I usually work on the older vettes but have done some paint and mechanical on the C-4's. So while the C-4' are not really my forte'(Another french word, I think)I have done a few things to them.......Thanks.....Steve
Fabulous ground effects, that's for sure!! They look unbelievably seamless! My '88 has the Greenwood package, which I love, but these are even better looking. Let us know if you look into them further!!
Ms Kiss and Lemonpeel, I have looked all weekend for that ground effects package. So far I have been unable to find that one. I have found many others though that are similar. The part that I can't find is one with the "gill" scoup like the one in the picture. To me that is what I first notice everytime I look at that picture. I almost tried to e-mail that site, but (not speaking french) I wasn't real sure what I clicked on so I cancelled.......:). Oh well I will keep my eyes open and if I find anything I will let ya know.............Steve
Hi Steve,
I surfed my brains out, trying to find it too. If it is a new Greenwood it must be 0001 days old, brand new. I did find, not sure if it's the same car....
I still think it's the coolest yet, as far as ground effects go. Sooner or later......if we can't find it on this forum, it's not out there to be had.
Ground effects

Ms Kiss,
Those ground effect sure have smooth lines. Most look like add ons but these look like they grew there. I hope you locate a source and post pics of the car with them on. Also would be a good opportunity to post a review on the Dealer/Shop Reviews forum. You could be the first.


P.S. on the home page is an email address: corvetteplus@qc.aira.com and on the second page in english it says "For more information call toll free 1-877-955-3419". Must be somebody there that speaks english. Good luck.

[Edited by 59Tom on 01-29-2001 at 01:21 AM]
Actually that's not Greenwood, all there wings are functional, meaning they bolt directly thru the bumper to the frame and have three connecting points not two.stay away from any that don't bolt to the frame as there just for looks
Those are Greenwoods. The kit is called the GC4 kit. There are actually two molds of the kit. One for outright purchasing which is more like the bolt on Motorsports kit, and one that can be installed at a Greenwood. The second one is more of a "real" race car type system and is similiar to the looks of the first one, but comes with a fully adjustable rear wing unlike the one in the picture you posted. I first saw this kit on a Grand Sport three years ago at the Vettes on the Rockies show. The guy who owned the car said it cost over 10,000 for the GC4 kit he had on his car, but it was the race version. If you are interested in that ground effect kit I can get the info for you on how to order it. However, last time I checked the price for the bolt on GC4 kit was in the area of 2500.00 and it does not include the bumper in the picture you have. It comes with a rear wrap and tunnel. The race version came with an entirely different rear bumper with the ground effect pieces molded into the bumper and a fully adjustable rear wing. I have quite a few pictures of these kits on cars that were at the Rockies show. Only one had the race version, the others had the straight "bolt on" version. If you contact Purifoy Cheverolet in Colorado they may be able to help you as they are an authorized Greenwood installation center.

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