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new guy from nw florida


Jan 6, 2006
1976 fast vette
hello, i have 1976 red on red vette. i got it two years ago from the third owner. (i some ones explains how to put pics in i will until then click on link for recent pics) http://www.cardomain.com/ride/2395064 . the guy own it until the early 90's then it was purchased by a mechanic. he bored out the l48 block then chg out the head, carb, manifold, headers, etc, and chormed out the engine bay. i guess one day he got board of vette and sold to the guy i eventually purchased it from. the 3rd owner must have ran the sh!t out of it cause i only had it 3 months and the engine ceased. I found this car online at what else usedcorvettesforsale.com and it was close to were a coworkers parents lived. they were planning to visit their son during thanksgiving and i had him ask his dad to pick it up for me. he agreed and thought the idea to drive from atl. to florida would be great and remind him of his high school days. once the egine went i decided to redue the car the right way. I sold my daily driver a 94 acura vigor for 3500.00 which was the same amout i needed for a new engine. i got a 330hp/380tq gm ho deluxe. vortec heads roller rockers. great performance for my budget. for the next month i had to walk to work or catch rides. very strange to walk to work in a suite. thank gosh i live 15 min. from work. when i finnally got it back i replaced the stereo and speakers. i put in a kenwood cd player w. remote and infinity speakers 4x6 for the front and 2 10 inch subs for the back. i custom built box. when i first did the estimates i adjusted the space for the compartments to open and to fit both ttops. crazy! the sound systems bumps but u still can hear the engine purrrrr. i changed out the exhaust system edlebrook long headers, x-pipe, 2 1/2 pipes, no cats, flowaster mufflers, and stainless c5 like tips. the car had a hurst shift kit and 3000 stall b&m converter. I had a trany place go thru the 350th completely. i recently got 18inch foose chrome rims and f1 tires. some day soon i would love to:, replace the differential, supercharger!, get c5 seats, make the rear window removable, replace the ugle vega steering wheel for a lacaras, put in slotted rotors, repaint it and have the bumper gaps smoothed over with fiberglass. let me know what you think of my ride?
Welcome to the CAC. I'm new here myself. Nice ride! I LIKE it. How long did it take to do the whole car?
Welcome to the CAC!


hi all

the car took me two years so far more to come.
76custom -

Welcome to the CAC! Nice looking ride!

As for posting a pic of it...
I'll try to add one to my post but if car domain does not allow HotLinks then it won't work.

Another option available to you is to open the Post Reply window, then scroll down until you see "Manage attachments". When you click on that it will open a window where you can browse and upload a photo from your computer. Click submit and this will place a thumbnail link of your photo attachment in your post.

The next step is to click on your thumbnail image, and when it opens the photo in a new window, highlight and "Copy" the address in the address bar. Go back to the window containing your post, and click on "Edit" at the lower right hand corner of your post.

This will open your post back up for editing the text or adding images, etc. Just over the text area, you'll notice a small button that looks like a mountain with a yellow sky and the sun over it. Click that button and it will open a smaller window that should have "http" in the address bar. Place your cursor over it, right click and select paste. Be certain that only one "http" is in your address. Sometimes people end up with two. Click "OK" and this will place a line in your text box which looks similar to this...
[ img ] h t t p// blahblahCAC.com/ blahblah [ / img ]

Click Save (or save changes... I can't recall which it says) and YOU'RE THERE!

Let me know if you have any other questions and I'll try to help - or steer you in the direction of someone that can.

Again - Welcome!
:w Jane Ann

Welcome to the CAC. Very sharp looking car! Sounds like you have spent a lot of time, money and effort on it :upthumbs

welcome to CAC!!!!:CAC sweet looking vette!!!
hope you enjoy the forums!!!!!!
Hello there and welcome to CORVETTE ACTION CENTER.
Glad to have you in the group,


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