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New Lone Star Calipers ( On my 73 )


Motor head!!!!
Feb 13, 2001
Valencia, CA,USA
88 Convert ( SOLD ) /1973 coupe 4 speed/1964 Vert!
I finally gave up trying to patch my brake system a piece at a time.

So I just completed installing 4 new ss sleeved calipers,pads,rotors,rubber hoses,Master cylinder stainless steel coupling pipes on the rear,& power bled the system.

Woooo Hoooo this thing for the first time stops on a dime...no pull, firm pedal. the next thing is to do the VAC booster. it's got a slight leak when I'm steping on the brakes ( hiss under dash ).

Ain't it something Mike that the last thing most people think of when building a performance machine is the ability to stop as fast as you can go. Certainly feels good to have your retinas detach when you hit the brake pedal, eh? :L

_ken :w
Mike, I have sold Lone Star Calipers for 4 years now and I have had only one return, they are good calipers. BTW I'm sure you know that you have done the easy part. The "Hiss" will be a PITA:r .........Good luck.........I hope you can stand on your head for long periods of time...........Steve

I'm having this one done. Unless I can find a good set of seats ( so I can remove mine then do the magical contorsion act) @ 6'0" & 245 LBS I NEED ROOM!

Can someone comment to what is the upshot of Lone Star calipers versus other aftermarket suppliers? I'm not going to use the Wilwoods I have (will probably sell them on Ebay), so I guess I'm going to go with calipers that are the same design. I don't know if I should try the o-ring type or regular rubber seals. Has anyone tried Zero Tolerance? Thanks for the info. --Bullitt

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