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new Michelin Pilot Sport a/s.....



My initial impression of these tires which I had installed by the South Bend, IN Tire Rack yesterday morning is that they have noticeably improved the ride (a bit more compliant), steering response is more positive and grip seems very confidence inspiring thru high speed backroad curves on my base suspension '02 coupe.

The folks at The Tire Rack were their usual efficient and courteous selves. On my way out I checked my on board air pressure #s and all were off 1-2#s, so I drove back in and they rechecked them for me with their digital gauge, then carefully hit an indicated 30psi with each. Looks like my right rear reads 1# low. Their friendly, efficient service combined with competitive pricing keep me coming back. Not meant as an ad, just a satisfied customer....again.

Meanwhile my recently purchased C5 continues to impress me in virtually all aspects, visually and functionally with the (not unexpected) exception of the headlights. Driving over to South Bend in the dark with light rain I found my high beams make pretty good LOW beams. Rather pathetic for a very recent hi performance sports car, but they do light up the road about as good as the 7" rounds did...in my 1956 Chevy! Other than that the car with the new Pilot Sports is impressive, not a Z06, but fast enough. Heck there is always my '06 FJR 1300A Yamaha if I need more speed and less time thru a 1/4! LOL! DFO;)


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Aug 30, 2006
New York
2001 Black on Black A4 Coupe
When I was looking for replacements for the tires on the car when I bought it (which were non runflats, and we take long trips so I wanted the runflats), I read up on the alternatives. From what I saw, the Michelin Pilot Sport a/s zp's were supposedly one of the best, so thats what I went with.
Since then, I have seen a few tire comparisons that didnt even have them in the top ten (?).

At any rate, I love em :) Nice, quiet, stick like crazy (hell, I often have trouble trying to spin the wheeles with these on). Supposed to be good in the rain also (can't say, almost no time in the rain with my baby). About 1k$ for four. I agree, great rubber.

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