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new owner intro

Oct 30, 2001
Glen Burnie, MD, USA
1986 Bright Red Coupe
Last Friday I picked up my new-to-me Vette - a 1986 4+3 coupe in Bright Red. This is my first one, though according to my wife I've wanted a Corvette for longer than I've been alive...

Glad I found this forum; the car is high-mileage (132000) and not quite roadworthy yet, and I'm probably going to have a ton of questions.

Anyone have any opinions on underdrive pulley kits for the L98? This car will see life mostly on the track (track days and autocrosses and such, rather than racing) and I'd love to get every small bit of power out of the engine. I've used UDP's on other cars, and some get better results than others.

My goal is 300 hp from this engine though not all at once...

Attached find a bad digital picture of the car...
Just love those red coupes. Welcome aboard. Lot of great people here.:cool
Welcome to the forum, rrubel. :) Terrific seeing another red vette on the forum....fantastic color. :D This is a great place
to ask questions and get info. ..really nice group.

Welcome to the CAC:)
Congrats on the '86 (good choice in color too ;) I never used the underdrive pulley kit. I've heard they work well, but run your volts kinda low.
Some aftermarket companies make a really cool air pump eliminator kit that consists of a new bracket and pulley system to bypass the air pump.
Take a look around the site.......especially the Corvette Portal here at the CAC. You'll find tons of info here :)

Thanks for the warm welcome, folks. Yes, blue is a nice color, too (my oldest bro-in-law's '84 was blue), and black is decent (other bro-in-law's 93) but for me red is the only color. :)

Now comes the fun of getting the thing to pass inspection so I can register it. Wheel bearings, hood supports, clutch, and parking brake. First two I can do myself, last two need a mechanic...

Ordered a Centerforce Dual Friction clutch set. Hopefully it'll last me a while (I tend to be heavy on clutches. Must be all those power launches or something ;) )


Well I'll be darned....all this time I thought RED was the ONLY Corvette color...
Corvette Colors

Sorry, rrubel....got off on the color thing, :mad But here you go....

Welcome Rrubel :w

Corvette Colors

Racer78, your right fiberglass is yellowish, but the gelcoat is white....so there you have it. I JUST LOVE THIS FORUM !! Lots of great folks here, as you can tell. Wonder what Ole Rrubel is thinking of us bout now though. We, (including the moderator) do get serious when someone needs help, but this gives you an idea of the type of people here. Willing to help when needed, and rib you too if it presents itself.

Colors & welcomes

Blue suede shoes, blue velvet, I'm so blue

Welcome to the CACCommunity, rrubel! The friendliest Vette site on the web!
Silver aka:Heidi
Re: Re: new owner intro

Racer78 said:

What do you have to do as a minimum to get her road worthy?

Pretty much what I mentioned - the wheel bearings (though I'm going to try and pass inspection without fixing them; given the typical local mechanic that should be OK), the clutch, the hood struts (which the previous owner didn't even know existed...), and the parking brake, which is completely frozen and cannot be put on - or it would stay on. There's some incidentals that need work as well but won't keep it from failing - left-side wheel well linings, the halo molding, and a small coolant leak that I'm trying to track down. Part of me wants to immediately rush out and run up my credit cards getting all the parts and work done and getting it on the road before winter; the other part of me wants to wait, do it right, and save some $$ for power goodies. I did order a K&N panel filter and eventually will get a full intake.

Oh, to the owner of the white convertible - nice ground effects. Who did them?
I'm a little late to the fray but I just wanted to welcome you to the CAC. Uh, it really is a great place. Now I must also say that I dig white cars (I wonder why) but we're looking for a blue (NYERNGA) one if that makes anyone fell better. As for Red, I drove a red rental minivan to the beach and I hated it :L. Not sure if the color had anything to do with it though:eyerole .
:L I wasn't late in welcoming Rich to our forums, but it disappeared! :eek

I think what happened was that I had responded at the same time as we were undergoing the upgrade earlier today, and my post got zapped. :grinshot

Oh well, Welcome Rich! :J

rrubel, the white 94 convertilbe is mine :booty The ground effects are made my Greenwood, the last owner, of which I know put them on the car. Also, there is a wing that goes on the car right behind the cockpit that acts as an airfoil. It looks like a Ferrari when the top is down and the rear wing is on it.

It is true that all Vettes start out white, but some lucky few grow into their true redness. :cool

Welcome Rrubel, you will have lots of fun here and learn more than you thought you needed, I know I have in just a short time. One suggestion...get a good chip.

Better Red than dead!:r
Drewser said:

Welcome Rrubel, you will have lots of fun here and learn more than you thought you needed, I know I have in just a short time. One suggestion...get a good chip.

Which, in your opinion, would be a good chip? The Hypertech?

Anyone know the secret to getting a door panel to stay hooked over the window edge? Each time I hook the darned panel in place, it stays fine until I go to screw it in and then it pops off again.
I like the hypertech thermomaster, but I have a limited range of experiance to choose from (gm chip vs. thermomaster). I changed the thermostat & fan switch while the new chip went in. Me likey!

As for the door panel, I'm still working on my drivers side. It is doing the same thing that you described...top lip pulling off whenever the door is opened or closed. ****ing me off too since I'm a locksmith and I pull panels for a living. The passenger side is fine, so it is either a weak panel, or I need to get a little more "creative".

I'll post a pix of my baby soon. She needs a coat of paint REAL bad (crows feet on the hood and behind the drivers doors up top). I tried to shine her up, and she doesn't really look THAT bad, but I can forsee a fresh coat this winter/spring.

Good luck with YOUR new baby.

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