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new performance build


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Mar 19, 2020
C5 convertible
I bought a 60,000 mile clean 03 C5 convertible with the intention of building a street performance cruiser for this older guy (56) to drive to the local shows and make a little noise.
I started parts shopping after some research online.

I chose the Texas Speed 228R cam in 110 LSA, new timing chain, upgraded rockers with decent bearings, dual valve springs, titanium retainers, comp cams push rods and roller lifters, a new better oil pump, lots of gaskets..........my mechanic has LS1 experience and will port and polish the stock heads............I went clutch hunting and came up with a Monster stage 2 with an 18 pound billet flywheel..........to finish it off a Nitrous Express plate kit in which I will put the 150 jets.

The car will be tuned by Vengeance Racing, Cumming GA on the dyno

I am hoping for near 560-570 at the rear wheels. Not sure what that translates in 1/4 mile times, but does anyone else have any similar experience?
Parts are almost all in, getting ready to start wrenching

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