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Dec 7, 2001
San Bruno, CA US
1970 LT-1, Cortez Silver w/Black Leather
When I bought my car it had a set of '82 aluminum rims on it, and I want to replace them with 16" American Torque Thrust D's (just released @ $280 each).
My question is this: has anyone out there put (or heard of) a set of 16" rims on a '68-'82 Vette? If so, what is the widest rim you think I could get away with, and what back-spacing? I don't expect to go wider than the stock 8" on the front, but I'd like to get some more width on the rear if possible.
Thanks much,

The post below was found in another thread but I think it's right up your alley. I hope this helps. There are a lot of others out there along the same lines, just click "Search" above under the word "Forums" in the header and look for rims in the C3 forum.

redmist said:
I just purchased and mounted 16x8 torq thrust II's with Kuhmo 245-50-16s in the front and 255-50-16's in the rear. The 245's look like the perfect fit, very little sidewall protruding past the rim. The 255's look ok but about at the limit as far as I'm concerned for optimal tire perfromance as designed. They also are just even with the fender lips, any wider and I'd have to get some fender flares.
Hey Eric,

As a "green pea" with the CAC, I haven't learned all the nuances yet, so thanks for the tip! I'll start searching ASAP, though it looks like the thread you forwarded me is right on the money!
Thanks for the help, and Happy New Year!

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