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New shift kit installed.......problems.



Hi Guys,
Just had a shift kit put in on my TH350 and I have a problem with the kick-down.Anything over 45mph and it won't drop down.I never had any problems with this prior to having it installed.I've tried adjusting the cable but it still doesn't work......Any ideas?
Same type problem


I had a similiar problem when I had a 700R4 rebuilt with a shift kit. Mine wouldn't hold a shift, it would downshift under a light load. My trans man called the manufacturer several times and each time was told to try a different governor. We kept changing governors until we found the right one for our combination. Fortunately the governor can be changed fairly easily because it is located on the side of the trans. The governor is something like a gyroscope that spins with weights that move outward as speed increases. The size of the weights causes the trans to shift earlier or later depending on how heavy the weights are. Sorry for the poor explaination, but the point is that your governor is probably the culprit.
Thanks GreyGhost, I was hoping it would have been something that just needed adjusting. It's a bit harder for us over here to get people that know what there doing to sort these problems out. I'll put this thing about the governor to the guy at the transmission shop and see what he thinks. Thanks again, VettePaul.:beer

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