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New Shocks for an 82


Jun 23, 2001
Chester, NY
82 Red Coupe
Anybody have any advice on what replacement shocks offer the best combination of ride/handling. I'm not looking to enter any road ralleys--just improve the handling and the ride at the same time. I don't want to have to take out a loan, either. Do I trust SEARS? Bilstein? Monroe . . .or back to the ACs?

I replaced the shocks on Rare81 with Delco gas adjustables. I have them set midrange and they provide a great ride and handling. But, I also changed all the suspension rubber at the same time too. The ride improved dramatically over the course of one winter up on blocks :L :L :L from the previous year :D

I would recommend any quality gas shock, and adjustable if possible. I would not recommend the old Air shocks. The ones requiring adding air or releasing air to adjust. Sears, Delco or other mfr. that build a Gas Shock with a warranty should be a good choice.

Good luck, and let us know what you do and how it works out for you. Your experience will be valuable to others trying to decide this same thing.

Shock Replacement

I replaced the shocks on my 81 just about a month ago. I actually won a set of NAPA gas shocks in a dollar raffle at a local cruise in. They are nothing special, cost about $20 each, and are a 100% improvement over the old Delco oil type shocks that were replaced. The whole change out took about an hour and half. I agree with Bud, any good grade gas shock should suite your needs.
Replaced mine with Gabriel Gas Ryder's.....great improvement!!
I replaced with Gabriel Gas Pro-Rider. They were about $20 each at PepBoys. Vastly improved ride, no more scraping the side pipes and simple install.

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