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Good Morning All,

Well, it's time to give up the original Goodyears on 94Bluvet. The car now has 28,000 on it and the tires are getting pretty thin.

I'm looking for advice on what to replace them with. I'm leaning towards Bridgestone Potenza RE730's. The price seems right and all reviews I've read have been pretty good.

A little more info; the car is only driven on nice days, resides in Southern .New Mexico (dry weather) and will be used now and then for trips to Vette meets and shows. I don't have any intentions of autocrossing or any other type of racing.

Basically looking for a good, quiet tire that handles well and has a decent tread life.

Thanks and have a great Easter.
Tire Selection...

Happy Easter to you too, 94Bluvet. :)

Check out The Tire Rack. My sales rep, "Jim" was very helpful, and the selection of wheels/tires they have is enormous.
There is a complete description of each tire, and reviews from both satisfied and dis-satisfied buyers of those tires.

Hope this helps.
I second the Tire Rack. I haven't purchased any tires from them, but they seem to have very good prices:)

I agree with the Tire Rack. They are very happy to discuss your driving habits & needs & make recommendations. I usually have the tires within 2 days of my order. I just got a set of Yokahama AVS Sports & they really handle. I could not be :) er
got my g-Force KD's from the tire rack..real pleased with the tires and the tirerack..remember a "Z" rated is only rated per the manufacturs specs...the "Y" is rated to 186MPH
Not sure if you have them where you live, but if you have a America's Tire or Tire Factory, they have great prices on Goodyear GSC's. About the same as Tire Rack when you add the mounting, etc. for Tire Rack.

I have a set of Cooper Cobras on my Ruby 40th. I drive her daily and they seem to work well and have lasted a good deal longer than the GSC's. Down here in Florida you tend to spin the rears off dodging orange trucks and retirees. My son-in-law got them for me for about $150 ea. He's a mechanic, my daughter married well :s .
Not sure if you have a Pep Boys out your way, but my buddy buys their Futura tires. Z speed rated and cost him $99 a tire. He has been using them on his 89 Corvette for a few years now. He doesn't race his vette at all, just cruises on nice days. Sounds like your situation.

I've driven his car and the tires grip VERY well for being such an inexpensive tire, a nice softer compound. And he got about 20K on the rear set before they wore out. He just replaced them last week.

Bridgestone makes a great tire. I run there mud tire on my Jeep and my girlfriend had a set of Potenzas on her Mustang GT. Improved her cars handling.

Thanks for all the great advice all. I'm in the USAF and we're able to do a "price challenge" with the base exchange. I'm going with the Bridgestones despite all the bad press (none on the Potenza that I could find). I'll get them at the tire rack price but right on base. It worked out well and Bluvet should be good to go in about a week.
What bad press? Firestone tires are made in the US, Bridgestone tires are made in Japan. They are under the same mother company, but are different plants.

My bro is in the AF, I'm an ex-navy guy myself. I'll remember the price challenge and have my brother get me my next set of tires. :D

Great choice of tires. I too went with the Potenza RE703s and absolutely love them! I used to have lots of road noise and serious vibration problems in my '96 Collector Edition with the old Goodyear GSCs. Put on the Potenzas and all of that went away. No more vibrations! No more road noise. Excellent grip and wear. In fact, I have autocrossed in them a few times and they held up very well. You will be pleased with your choice.
The Potenza's are fantastic. Thanks for all the help!
So, did you get them through the AF exchange?

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