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Apr 13, 2017
findlay ohio
My dad gave me a 1985 Corvette when he moved from Ohio to Tennessee. I thought the car was in good condition, but after putting the title in my name, I find that the car has a lot of problems..... it needs all new brakes, the head gasket is going bad, shifts very hard and also needs tires. The paint on the car (and I am not professional by any means) looks like it has been repainted in several areas. The seats need repaired,and some of the pieces on the door panels are broken off and some of the switches dont work. Now, I find that I have to come up with a value for some legal paperwork because it's considered an asset (doesnt sound like one does it ? ) ha ha .... and cant find anything that would give me a clue to what this car is worth. I know that you folks know the ins and outs of Corvette knowledge....can you suggest someone that might be able to help me? Thanks so much for your time ! I hope this question is allowed on here....if not, I apologize !
I have an 85' that I'm restoring. It was in similar shape to yours. I paid $5000.00 for it. I know they are very old but really are not worth much right now. If you are thinking it's an investment to restore, think again. My 85' is worth it to me because I like the car. Not worth much if I wanted to sell it. If you have any questions on repairs, write me.

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Thanks 1985C4 for the quick reply. I dont have the means to restore the car and I beginning to think Dad gave it to me because he didnt want to have to haul it to Tenn ! Do you know if this would be considered as poor condition for a valuation quote ? and are you aware of any site that might be able to give me a value? and Thanks again for your help .....
Check out nada car values. The 1985 value is $5000.00 if in good running condition.

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There are many for sale. I would go to Craigslist to get an idea of what's out there and asking price. C4 Corvettes are sssooo fun and inexpensive to buy in great shape. Paint is getting so expensive it's hard to sell anything that needs paint and try to get a reasonable price for it.

I can understand after looking it over you are contemplating selling.

But, they are fantastic cars!

Chuck M

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