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New to the block, and have a Q.


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Nov 12, 2001
San Diego, CA
1992 Convt w/hard top; 2004 Z06 Z16; 1962 327/300
Hi all. I am new to the forum. I have a '92 Arctic White convertible with hardtop, and red interior. This is my first vette, but not the first one in my life. My dad has an all original '62, and at one time also had a bright orange '77. I decided a year ago last August to go ahead and get one. I love it. I bought it with 29k miles, and now have 54K. oops. Yes, I love driving it, even in the snow.

Anyway, enough of the intro and on to the question.....

I have managed to break 5 wheel studs in the last couple weeks during tire mounting and lowering of the car. Three have snapped, the other 2 have spun on the hub, requiring me to have them torched out. Am I cursed with bad wheel studs, or is this a common problem? Prevention? I am running the factory wheels (9.5") and tires at all corners.


Topless said:
...is this a common problem?

Definitely not a common problem. :nono

Are you sure that you're not applying too much torque when tightening them? The specs call for something like 90ft/lbs. :confused

Wish I could help further Mike. ;)

_ken :w
I have played with a lot of cars, and I have never had this problem either. It has happened when they were installed by hand and air gun. I am thinking of replacing all of them out of frustration and fear.
350 ft lbs??????

Is that where the tire stores impact gun is set to?

Corvette wheel studs are fine by design.
They are not designed for off road/ monster truck applications.

100 ft lbs is the factory tightness spec.

If you want to use an impact set the gun to 70 (ish) and hand torque em with a torque wrench...
Remember the rims are soft too!

Thank you.

I think in the future, I will be telling the shops to not use air guns and hand torque.

Oh well.

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