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New weatherstripping



This year's project on my '86 convt is new weatherstripping on the top. Since the original stayfast top is in fair shape, but starting to get worn in spots, should I replace it at the same time? If I'm only able to afford one or the other, which one is advisable first? Or should they both be done at the same time?

On another note, I've been through all the major catalogs for weatherstripping, and prices seem to be pretty close. Any recommendations for quality at the best price?

Hi Vetman,
I replaced my 78s T-top weatherstripping about 2 years ago, and the remaining w'strips this past Fall when the 78 was painted.
Shop couldn't get the w'strips from MidAmerica to fit, so I returned them and ordered a set from Corvette Central, which fit. I am certain I ordered and was shipped the correct pieces for my car...I rather feel my selection of Paintshop was not a wise choice. :-(
I do not recall who I ordered my t-top w'strips from...it was either MidAmerica or Ecklers. Most likely MidAmer. All of the w'strips appear to be made of the same material even though they were ordered several years apart and from different companies.
I still have a problem with leaks...but I feel they are results of poor door hang and window fit, things to be remedied this summer.

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