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Hi everyone. I am a technical illustrator, mostly of cars in general and Vettes in particular. I have had my black '79 for three years now and I am gaining confidence with each project. Now I am doing new carpet, headers, dual exhaust and polishing new paint. This has been an experience that ranks way up there with other life experiences. I posted in another area, but I am having trouble with the lock in my glove compartment. It is loose and I can't figure out how to get the lock out. Any one offer any help?:confused:
Vettart Welcome to The Corvette Action Center

You've come to the right place for Vette Art.. heheh :L

Take some time and take a look around the entire site, You'll see our Administrator Rob has a flare for art and esp. Web Design. He also knows his stuff about Corvettes too.

I'm moving your thread to the C3 forum. I think you'll get a better response about your glove box lock question ;)

I've had the same problem before, but right now I'm kinda brain dead... Hope someone else steps up, if not I'll take a little nap then see if my brain cells work :J

Welcome to the Corvette Action Center, Vetteart.

It's a great place. :D

Hi VetteArt,
Welcome to the site. I am a budding artist, too. No formal training, but I love my subject matter...animals, horses and cats in particular. However I am entertaining the idea of trying dragons/unicorns and trying a few sketches and painting ideas of my 78. The medium I use is watercolor, and any advice you'd like to give me on the subject would be appreciated. I only paint for myself and family. I don't sell any works.
Art, artists and art advice

One thing that will help you enjoy your artistic pass time is training. Water color courses are offered at most of the art schools and colleges. Having an oppurtunity to see the usage and protential of any medium will give you a better basis for each project. You might want to combine watercolor with airbrush or other water based paints. The potential of each type of paint or technique can open up new areas of interest and challenge. Good luck with your painting. Post a few snapshots so we can all enjoy your work.

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