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I have a 77 Vette with the stock motor the l-48, everything has been rebuild on it this winter to factory specifications.

I have added hooker super competition headers and side pipes, and i am currently looking at maybe getting some more power out of the motor, what would the next best upgrade for the engine be.

Maybe a new cam shaft or intake, i do not want to change the carb as the rochester can be tuned as the engine changes.

What would give me the most bang for the buck

Head and cam combo would do the trick nicely but thats a fair amount of money.

I likes nitrous too....... Tylas is right that would definitely be the MOST bang for the buck for the engine you describe. A fresh 350 can easily handle 125 to 150 hp worth of n2o without really reducing the longevity. Additionally the gas mileage is unaffected when its not in use. The more close to stock the engine the more "kick" you will get out of the n2o. I do humbly suggest you get a performer intake though. If i recall correctly you can get them for quadrajets too.

Another consideration would be a little more gear if you want red light to redlight power. but this will affect your top end speed and gas mileage. That year has 3.08s????? 3.31 or so would give you a noticable increase in off the line power.
Upgrade your HEI ignition coil and module (petronixs), good spark plug wires (moroso blue max),
Edelbrock performer dual plane manifold, change you advance curve with a "curve kit", massage your carb with slightly bigger secondary jets, slightly larger squirter and maybe a slightly more generous metering rods, polish and clean up the booster venturies. Put an insulating plate under the carb. K&N air filter and lid. Insulate your fuel lines. Get some cold air to the carb by removing the center section of sealing foam on top of the radiator support. Make sure the rest of your seals and air dam are intact.
Make sure you DONT use the "reverse-flow" insert mufflers on your sidepipes. Buy the glasspack inserts and REVERSE them.
You should be able to do this for $300 or less. Find the manifold on e-bay and port match it yourself with a dremel and new gasket.
With these mods you should be able to wind up to 6500 rpm in a hurry (assuming you rebuilt the motor with ARP bolts)
Nitrous is great but you can't use it all the time, I would do that next.
If you are so inclined you could also take off your existing heads and do little clean up and smoothing with the dremel or die grinder.
Other cheap improvements are
- Take weight off the car
- roller rockers
Thanks for the ideas guys, i was thinking of going with a better cam first, but redmist has alot of good ideas to, im gonna try those out.

thanks alot, it nice to talk to people that know stuff about vettes.
Oh one other thing i got the glasspack mufflers from hooker but i can only put them in one way, do i have to hammer away at the other end to make it smaller so it slides in.

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