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No Audio from XM Radio


New member
Jun 29, 2007
2006 C6 Vert Lt3
I just purchased a new '06 3LT Convertible from a dealer about 800 miles from me and had it delivered. My local chevy dealer does not sell corvettes, but told me they would be happy to do service, prior to my purchase. The car has the 6CD Bose system in it and everything plays fine except the two XM Bands. I have no audio on any channel, including the preview channel. I spoke with tech support at XM and we reset the radio twice with no change. They said a cable must not have been properly connected at the factory and I needed to take it in to a dealer.

My dealer had the car yesterday for half a day. The shop foreman was on vacation and the service tech doing the work agreed with XM and said he was at the point where he was going to have to open up the console.:eek:hnoes He told me he was not comfortable doing it and wanted to wait and let me talk to the foreman on Monday when he returned.

My question to the forum is, has anyone else had this problem and how involved is the fix? Now I am apprehensive about having the work done at my local dealer. Are there any techs on here that can explain the proceedure so I can print it out and bring it back up there with the car on Monday? Does anyone know of a dealer in Louisiana that can do warranty work competantly?;help

Thanks in advance,
Patrick Price
Feb 26, 2004
Greenville, Tx
2006 MN6 Coupe
While you're waiting for someone who might actually know a good dealer, try visiting GM's Corvette vehicle search page (<http://tinyurl.com/24rr2c>). Plug in your Zip code and pick the dealer that has the largest inventory to investigate first.
I don't think I'd take my Vette to your local dealer ... at least the tech didn't do anything stupid, but they are obviously not trained.

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