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no owners manual-key fob question


Sep 16, 2006
2002 electron blue coupe
I do not have a owner's manual on my 2002, but have one ordered. Question is i know how to set the memory seats in the car, but how do you/can you set the key fob the same way? When i get in now i have to just hit the memory button on the door, but if the fob can do it i would rather do that. Any help would be appreciated, and thanks.
Go to the C5 general discussion area and download or view the C5 manual right there. I had a 2002 but really forgot the memory procedure. As far as that battery goes......well better safe than sorry. The red top is the best and no worries about battery acid leaking on the computer.
I just read what I wrote......how funny is that....I forgot the memory feature!!!!! LOL
yeah i forget alot too, getting older i guess. I did what you said using many search terms cannot locate it,( to view the c5 manual) if you do can you send me the link? thanks

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