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Noise in right rear wheel


72 Bluz

It sounds like a small rock stuck in the center cap or beauty ring. Of course, I removed them both last night and did not find anything. I plan on taking the wheel off tonight to look around. Does anyone have a suggestion on what to look for or what to look at? Thanks.

72 Bluz:confused
72 Bluz

There are a few things that come to mind..

  1. Wheel bearing
  2. U-Joints
  3. Emergency Brake assy.
  4. Shocks

My guess would be U-Joints :D

Hi 72 Bluz,

When you removed the center hub and trim ring, did you drive around to reproduce noise? The reason I ask is that my 77 had a repeating click and I found it to be a loose trim ring clip. Every time the wheel rotated the pressure caused the ring to flex just enough to "click". Obviously, it was more pronounced and easily heard when going a very slow speeds. These clips are original equip. type - 4 per ring.

Let me know!

Hope this helps.
It's the trim ring

Can't seem to keep all 4 clips on the wheel. It's a buger to get them all attached, then while driving one will pop loose. Are the clips easy to replace? I have a few spare rings with clips on them. Some of the clips are damaged and the eyelet for the valve stem is smaller than what is currently on the car, or I would have just replaced the ring earlier.

72 Bluz
The aftermarket rings with the continuous clips surrounding the entire ring stay on much better and since there is pressure around the entire circumference, there's much less chance for noise. Plus, if you lose/damage one, they are a lot more affordable to replace. The original four clip design will only go on mine when the day comes to get it judged by the NCRS.
Hey, 71Shark

Can I take some clips off the other rings and replace the tough one for a short term fix?

72 Bluz
Never tried that before but it sounds like it should work. I'd just be scared of losing the 4-clip rings on a bump or something.

Let me know how it turns out.
Hi There 72 Bluz,

Sorry didn't respond quicker...been away in Maine. If I remember correctly the click noise coming from my beauty rings was due to a clip not seated properly in the ring itself. It seemed to be bent or mispositioned in the ring so that when it was seated on the wheel rim it would move just enough to make a noise when that part of the wheel came to the ground.

Sounds weird, huh?...but after I tightened up the clip to the ring and cleaned the wheel rim and put a little dab of grease to the clip in question ONLY, the problem went away and strangely enough hasn't returned.

I also found that you can rotate the inner sleeve that these clips sit into. You've got to be careful when forcing this inner sleeve around that you don't deform the ring or break the sleeve. With patience and care you can move them. I had to do this once when a balancing weight was positioned just where the clip sits on the wheel rim (didn't want to mess with balance of the wheel!).

I also agree with 71Shark...the aftermarket rings would be a lot better, not stock, but better.

Good luck!


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